My first attempt at coding something out! Thanks JL for the debugging and coaching!

It’s a simple no frills calculator for modified dps. You can just key in your sheet dps and elemental dps and out it goes!

It’s for those situations where you suddenly land yourself uberlewtz legendaries like magefist or burning axe of sankis

It’s my first time coding, so it’s a pretty simple calculator. Generally should suffice for elemental modifiers. Look at the in game dps (can press i and see dps) then key it in, then add up your elements that you are using and key it in. That should give you your effective modified dps for elemental!

You can use this as a quick way to compare between two items or two item sets!

As for Skill +% damage modifiers and Elite +% damage modifiers, if you don’t require it to be too accurate you can just add them up (but it will differ slightly from the effective value!). This is due to the trivariate, so 1.3*1.3*1.3 will get 2.197 times instead of 1.9 if you add.

Will probably have additional functions relating to that if I spend more time on this in the future!


ele dps calc