IGN gathered the who’s who of the Hearthstone pro scene to talk Blackrock Mountain, and if there was one common thread that would be the rise of the patron warrior.

There’s a lot of questions and a lot of replies (since there are many people)

It spans two pages over at ign:


Kibler: The power level of Grim Patron and the deck it enables wasn’t something that anyone really predicted. That card has really changed the way that decks have to be built to handle it.

Chakki: The biggest surprise was that Grim Patron spawned an entire new deck archetype around him.

Trump: Grim Patron – actually being good.

Orange: The power level of the card Grim Patron. Nobody really expected this card to be as powerful as it is, at this point the card is a metachanger and one of the first things you have to take into consideration when building a deck. I would guess that Blizzard didn’t think this card would be as powerful as it is and I haven’t decided yet if the card is healthy for the game or not. But it sure brought something new, interesting and fun to the table which is always welcome in a meta that was dominated by face hunters prior to GvG.

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Xixo: Since Blizzard only fixed Warsong Commander with the BRM patch people couldn’t really guess the power of Grim Patron. So I’d give it to him.