Iceiceice has fun on the new bloom festival hero Phoenix, dancing his way to some fun gameplay

He skillfully pilots the phoenix, and towards the end go Burning should play this, and that it reminded him of the LoL hero phoenix.

He streams here and there being back in Singapore for CNY: http://www.twitch.tv/iceiceice

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[–]natussincere 5 points ago

If this is his first time playing the hero I give up.

[–]Don’t hit the Supernova, it’s fiiiineIAmBiased 3 points ago

Tbh, the hero is pretty intuitive to play aside from a few details, so honestly it looked likely that this really was his first time on the hero.

[–]kcmyk 3 points ago

and fun as hell.

[–]Lundix 3 points ago

Dis a gree. Didn’t understand that dive could be interrupted by anything other than ult. Didn’t understand that each spirit only refreshed effect instead of stacking. Didn’t understand that you could move during ray instead of only turning. Maybe if you’ve read up on his skills a bit and are generally comfortable with laning he’s easy to figure out. I just fed like hell because I kept trying to harass with hp-consuming skills at close range.

[–]Don’t hit the Supernova, it’s fiiiineIAmBiased 2 points ago

Well, with 0 armor and very low hp, any experienced player quickly sees that most harrassment w Phoenix is best done at a safe distance.

I agree that hp cost on spells is not too intuitive though, but it’s quickly learned as you see your hp drop on cast.

I don’t mean that the skills are immediately self-evident (like, say, Vengeful Spirit), but rather that they are very easily understood by any experienced player ☺

[–]Hammedatha [score hidden] ago

Watched the 2 minute dotacinema video on him and learned all that…