Looks like Hyhy is back in dota.

And Zenith is back, sort of.


New Singaporean team formed, hyhy back to competitive Dota

Posted by Ren “Pacific.Ren” Vitug 2 days, 13 hours ago

[L-R] xFreedom, KS, hyhy, SCripted, Meracle, Poloson

Hyhy makes his way back into competitive Dota as he joins Meracle and xFreedom to form a team with a very familiar name. Poloson, KS and Scripted will round up the six-man team of Scythe.SG.

Those three players exited the team rather abruptly. Galvin ‘Meracle’ Kang exited the team after a surprising move to China to join RisingStars, and then eventually Malaysia’s Titan. Wilson ‘Poloson’ Koh, the player who used to man the middle lane for FD, departed after the team’s early exit in the ACG. The only player who left FD unwillingly was Jonathan ‘SCripted’ Lee, who had to be removed from the team after a number of unprofessional in-game behavior issues. The latter seems resolute on putting the past behind him, and he will also be using a different in-game alias when playing.

The three members of the team not from FD are the esteemed veterans on the roster. Nicholas ‘xFreedom’ Lim, who played with Zenith and LGD.int last year, is a well-recognized player and leader, the latter being affirmed after he was chosen as the coach and frequent stand-in of the short-lived team Impervious. The second player, Kok Sin ‘KS’ Ang, has been around for a while as well. He is known for his stints on Flash eSports and Netolic.SG.

The surprising addition is Benedict ‘hyhy’ Lim, which will mark the player’s return to Dota. The captain of the very first TI’s third-place team had been playing competitively on League of Legends (LoL) on the previous year before leaving his team last October. His last competitive Dota 2 game was when he played as stand-in for MUFC on The Asia 2012, held a little more than a year ago, where his team finished second behind LGD.cn.

Generally, Meracle will be playing carry and KS will be playing offlane. The support roles will go to xFreedom and SCripted, while both hyhy and Poloson are middle-lane players. The roles will also be flexible and will be switched around depending on the necessity and on who is playing.


Bryan ‘Jupi’ Koay, team manager

With some of our bigger names leaving for China, I believe this new team will reinvigorate SEA’s Dota scene. Our roster hopes to show the world that Southeast Asian Dota is still alive. We have big dreams, I believe that we are passionate enough to reach the next International.


Scythe.SG is the name of hyhy’s team which won third place back at the The International 1. However, we were assured that the team is just using an ‘old Zenith name’, and not because of sponsors. Scythe.SG back at TI1 was comprised of hyhy, iceiceice, Roy, xy- and Chawy.

Scythe.SG lineup:

Singapore Galvin ‘Meracle’ Kang
Singapore Nicholas ‘xFreedom’ Lim (C)
Singapore Wilson ‘Poloson’ Koh
Singapore Jonathan ‘SCripted’ Lee
Singapore Kok Sin ‘KS’ Ang
Singapore Benedict ‘hyhy’ Lim