Want to read about the closure of diablo 3 rmah and the expansion of dota 2 markets? Or how buying the dota 2 steelseries kana gaming mouse comes with an in game sword that can be worth about 47 Steam Wallet Dollars?


Hearts get together pulled up a good fight against IG, the team that has only lost to DK so far in the league. They managed to take about 20+ kills to IG’s 10+, despite IG eventually slowly snowballing to win the game.

The strength of living armor was shown in this game, impeding a split push for quite a long time with a near death tower quickly healing up. Powerful Mirana Shadow Demon plays for HGT, chaining their skills together with the timed arrow taking down Hao’s Weaver numerous times. Their pushes were met however with powerful holds from IG, who eventually pushed forward to take the game.

This is one of the games where it is lost despite having substantially more kills.

This makes it 2-0 for IG against HGT.