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Someone created a pretty cool moving wallpaper using the legendary version of the cards for Android (sorry apple users). (previously reddit cracked the tablet hearthstone for mobile)

This youtube was their early concept



Here are the Hearthstone animated wallpapers as promised! (self.hearthstone)

submitted by daniel_mendelx2

This is about the post from couple of days ago: http://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/36srl3/i_recreate_the_golden_card_animations_as/

Alright so, the wallpapers are ready for release on Sunday as promised, although Google Play is giving me problems in uploading them to the store, and I can’t be bothered to handle it at this moment (It takes time to upload).

So to not let you guys wait any longer here are the .APKs (downloaded from my DropBox):

(For Android phones and Tablets only)

Worgen InfiltratorPreview

Ancient of LorePreview

Mirror Download:

Worgen Infiltrator

Ancient of Lore

To install: simply open the .apk file from within your phone and it will install. To run them long press on your home screen and an option named “Wallpapers” or “Live wallpapers” should come up, click it and it is there

Let me know if it all works as intended, report any bugs! And I’ll try to get them running on the Play Store for those who don’t want to download it this way, but it will take time.

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The original thread

I recreate the golden card animations as wallpapers, check it out! (self.hearthstone)

submitted by daniel_mendelx2

Hey, The other day I tried to recreate some of the golden card animations as an animated wallpaper for my android phone. Here is what I made in a day work: http://youtu.be/fdaBOzYRmVw

(it might look a bit laggy in the video but in real time its aa smooth as a Mech-Mages’ mana curve).

For comparison the original golden animation.

So what do you guys think? If some of you are interested I can fnish this app and release for you guys in a free download, Let me know 🙂

Some technical info: * the animation is rendered in real time, that is, its not a video loop playback.

Edit: Thanks for all the feedback guys! Glad to hear I was not working for nothing, I’ll upload it as soon as I can : Bonus: Here is my crappy take I did way before on Guardians of Kings, oh well.

Edit2: Thanks so much to /u/SweetLordKrishna for gilding me, this is my first gold!. You guys are awesome, I have never imagined I’ll receive this reaction, I am working on getting it ready to release at Sunday MAYBE!!, if I’ll be happy with the result, I don’t want to give you wallpaper that could have been made better.

I am searching for an artist/some one who can draw in photoshop and knows kind of what he is doing, working side by side with an artist will boost the quality and the speed they are made by 100%!, So if you have the time and you are interested in helping out or getting your very own art featured as an animated wallpaper please feel free to messege me.

Edit3: Here is another eye candy for you guys – Worgen Infiltrator in all its shadowy glory

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Edit5: Alright here it is, posted the apks in a new post because this one is already dead http://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/3744dq/here_are_the_hearthstone_animated_wallpapers_as/