Mobile version and Blackrock is out!

Update: Amazon is having a Hearthstone Promotion

For those wanting to play on your phone, short of jailbreak/root or streaming, they have found a way:

There are also other suggestions within the thread

Update: Another one


MUCH SIMPLER way to install HS on your android phone (One download & one install) (self.hearthstone)

submitted by G30therm

EDIT: If your country now has the app on your google play store, The app has now been released globally so you can just copy this APK file to your phone and install. The OBS files will download from the playstore and you’ll still be able to play this on screens less than 6″. Read the bold sections. If this still doesn’t work, follow the next steps, remembering to uninstall any current HS apps.

Modified Install Files – Thanks /u/maxicek7 for linking your updated APK. Google Chrome users, you’ll need to go to your downloads and “restore” it as chrome removes .APK downloads by default.

  • Extract using 7zip/winrar (please start using 7zip, it’s so much better)
  • Set your phone to accept apps from unknown sources. (settings>security)
  • Copy the APK and folder to \Phone\Android\obb. (Make sure it’s the phone, not a memory card.)

Should look like:

  • Find the folder on your phone using the “My folders” app or equivalent and run the .apk
  • File Manager app if you can’t find the one on your phone
    "All Files\Device Storage\Android\obb"
    (Warning- folders aren't necessarily in alphabetical order so look carefully for the Android folder)

DONE! (You also get a free card pack after completing your first game)

No rooting or decompiling required

The app will only work on devices which are Android 4.0 or above. Also, remember that older cpus (single/ duel cores) might not be able to run this game.

If you have a problem, first uninstall the app from your phone and try again.

Remember to unplug your phone and reconnect to your PC before transferring files.

If you’re running lollipop (nexus 5), you may have to do this an alternate way. It takes a little more time, but it’s not very complicated. Lots of lollipop users have said that the above method works for them though, so try it first. See here for more info if you can’t get it working.

EDIT: I’ll keep helping out as long as I can, so drop a comment if you have a problem. But, it’s 430AM here and I’ll be going to bed soon so if I don’t reply straight away, I will tomorrow. In the mean time, have a quick browse through the comments as the most common problems will probably have been covered.

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EDIT: If you do have a problem, please include your phone model and country in your post. It saves both me and yourselves a lot of time.


Guide: How to Hearthstone for your phone! [No root required] (self.hearthstone)

submitted by Thundernerd

Hey there

It seems everybody is eager to play Hearthstone on their mobile phone, but they can’t because their phones aren’t 6 inch or bigger. There is a way to get around this, but it involves some decompiling/recompiling and changing two lines of code.

First of all, the tools that you need are:

  • To decompile the APK: This tool
  • To decompile CSharp: Decompile CSharp: This tool
    • This one requires a plugin though; when you start this software, look for the menu item “Plugins/Plugins Manager” and install the plugin called “Assembly Editor”

APK and OBB files:

You can download them via your phone as individual files, as long as you just request the desktop website.

Bold means newer.

Step one:

Fire up APK Studio and decompile the Hearthstone APK
Open up the AndroidManifest.xml file
Replace android:normalScreens="false" with android:normalScreens="true"
The same goes for android:smallScreens="false" -> android:smallScreens="true"
Save this file

Step two:

Fire up JustDecompile and open the file Assembly-Csharp.dll (your_decompiled_folder/assets/bin/Data/Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll)
Look in <Default namespace> for the class "MobileCallbackManager" (fold out "Assembly-CSharp" until you find <Default namespace>)
(if you haven't by now, open up the plugin by selecting it in the Plugins window (Reflexil))
There is a method in there called "IsAndroidDeviceTabletSize()", click on it
In the window of the plugin, on the "Instructions" tab, you should now see a line that has a value of 6 in the Operand column (http://puu.sh/dx8bX/bff8ee08ad.png)
Right click on this and select edit and change the value to 1 (or whatever you want, just a number smaller than the size of your phone) and then click Update
In the list on the left, scroll all the way back up, right click on "Assembly-CSharp", select "Reflexil 1.8 -> Save As" and save it (trying to overwrite the original one caused problems for me)
(If you have problems with this one, go to step two.one)
Remove the Assembly-CSharp.dll file and rename the new dll to Assembly-CSharp.dll

Steo two.one (Only if you’re having problems saving the DLL):

- On the same line where you clicked edit and changed the value from 6 to whatever. Right click again and select "Replace all with code"
- This should open a window showing some code, **just click cancel**
- Now try to save using the normal steps

Step three:

Open APK Studio again
Click on the hammer icon (make sure you have the project selected) to build your modified APK (rebuilt.apk in the build folder)

Step four (you can skip this if you already have the OBB files on your phone):

Put the OBB files on your SD card in the following folder

Step five:

Install the APK
Enjoy the game

I’ve tested this myself on a Nexus 4 (KitKat) and Nexus 5 (Lollipop) and it starts on both. However, at some point it just decides to crash on my Nexus 5 and I assume this is because of Lollipop.