Playing Hearthstone on the mobile is an amazingly pleasant experience. I can see why Blizzard took the time to build a customized version out. It plays fluidly on the small screen, and you won’t have to fumble around with your tablet on a long commute. It feels pretty good to play it on the small screen, and I do think hearthstone will pick up many new players due to this added accessibility.

The game is about 1gb so download over wifi! It seems the client was shrunk from 2gb according to hearthpwn

(if you are planning to spend money however, you might want to consider using the amazon promotion on android)

Photo 15-4-15 11 13 38 am

You can see the items being moved around. They took effort to keep things clear and large on a small screen.

Photo 15-4-15 11 14 39 am

There is a drawer that pops out for your cards as well as an enlarged mana tray

Photo 15-4-15 11 14 46 am

The effects are crisp and smooth. (not sure if voices are streamed)

Photo 15-4-15 11 16 43 am

And you get one pack for completing a match!

Photo 15-4-15 11 19 40 am

It’s a great addition to your app store, and a wonderful timekiller.