So you are looking for a gift for someone who you knows loves to play hearthstone, but you are unsure how? With amazon, it is now a whole lot easier!

To celebrate hearthstone’s launch on android (and also amazon app store), Amazon has managed a tie up with blizzard using Amazon coins to purchase hearthstone in app purchases. (But you must download it through amazon app store)

You will finally be able to get the Hearthstone player a present for the game!

Update: there’s an option to give amazon coins as gifts

(note that 30% is for 10,000 amazon coins or $70, less coins have less discounts e.g. 20% for 5,000 coins)

With the new changes, one way would be to stock up on amazon coins with the discount (if you have $40 or $70 to spare) and perhaps wait and see if they revert to a better coinback, spending only here and there.

If you are intending to gift a present, be it for Birthdays or for Christmas and other events, one way would be to buy Amazon Gift Cards as a present for them so they can purchase Amazon Coins for the Hearthstone deals using the steps here or here or this page itself!


(Using current promotion, note that this can change)

1) Using the gift card to buy Amazon Coins
E.g. a $70 Gift Card will be able to buy 10000 coins in the current promotion at time of writing

2) Use the 10000 coins to buy Hearthstone packs in the Amazon App Store Hearthstone App, you will then get a coinback of 1000

3) You can then use the coinback of 1000 to buy more packs!


The best part about amazon gift cards is that they are sent almost instantly and there is no need to wait for shipping at all. This allows you to gift those last minute presents effectively, especially for say Christmas when all the deliveries are overloaded.

It used to be an incredible promotion where you can get 144 packs for just $80, but they have since reduced the 20% off coins and 50% coin back to 30% off coins and 10% coinback. While it is by no means a bad deal, you can now only get about 87 packs for $70. Those who acted fast really managed to get an incredible deal! Maybe Amazon will change their mind and revert back to the old promotion.

The following are from the old promotion where you could get an incredible 144 packs from just $80

The hearthpwn german edition:


f you live in either US or Germany (unsure about UK) you have the chance of getting “extra packs” by purchasing from the Amazon Appstore on your Android device (don’t worry: there are ways to do it on the computer too). Basically, you buy Amazon Coins for money (up to 20% discount currently) and spend them in-game. The best part: you get 50% of your coins spent back [Germany: 50% on all pack sizes: 40/15/7/2 | US: 50% on 40 packs and 15 packs].

I used the following method to get  81 packs [Germany]:

  1. Make sure to install Hearthstone via the Amazon Appstore (delete app if you got it through GooglePlay and re-install)
  2. For safety: Open Hearthstone and check the information you get when trying to buy packs. It should show something like: Spend money / Spend Coins
  3. Buy 5000 Coins from Amazon for 40€ (or 40$)
  4. Buy 40 Packs for 4500 coins ( you get back 2250 coins and it should state this in-game)
  5. Buy 15 Packs for 1800 coins from the 2750 coins you got left (refund = 900 coins)
  6. Buy 15 Packs for 1800 coins from the 1850 coins you got left (refund = 900 coins)
  7. Buy 7 Packs for 900 coins from the 950 coins you got left ( you get 450 coins back)
  8. Buy 2 Packs from the 500 coins you got left ( refund = 135 coins)
  9. Buy 2 more Packs from the 365 coins you got left
  10. Profit

You can use the coins for card packs, arena entries and naxx (basically everything that includes real money)

If you do not have an Android Tablet (6′ or more) you can google “Andy” or “Duos”. Both programs let you basically use your computer as an adroid tablet. Since I am not a pc nerd I can’t really help you with questions concerning the software.

I hope I helped some of you saving some money. Merry Christmas everyone

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This discount stacks with another discount currently in effect – all Amazon coins are 20% off if you buy enough of them.

Bottom line is this:

  • $80 currently gets you 10,000 coins
  • 10,000 coins gets you 2 sets of 40 packs, plus you earn 2 sets of 2500 bonus coins
  • Your total of 5000 bonus coins gets you a set of 40 packs and another 2500 bonus coins
  • 2000 of those coins gets you a set of 15 packs and 1000 bonus coins
  • You now of 1500 coins, which gets you a set of 7 and a set of 2

40+40+40+15+7+2 = 144 packs

If this is your first time ever using the Amazon App Store, your account starts off with 300 free coins, so you can get another 2 packs.


  1. Be using an Android tablet. If you don’t have one, you can borrow a friend’s tablet for 10-15 minutes.
  2. If Hearthstone is already installed, but was installed via Google Play, uninstall it.
  3. Install the Amazon App Store if you don’t already have it.
  4. Use the Amazon App Store to install Hearthstone.
  5. Open Hearthstone, go to the store, be sure to select the correct type of card pack (wink), select 40 packs, and click Buy.
  6. Immediately look for the note indicating that this purchase earns 2500 bonus coins. This offer could expire at any time, Blizzard did not specify when this offer might expire. Don’t hold it against me if the note is gone and you don’t get the discount. Make sure it’s there!
  7. When asked to select a payment method, notice the option to pay with Amazon coins. Click the link to “Buy more” coins. Choose the option to buy 10,000 coins for $80.
  8. Once you have your 10,000 coins, use them to buy packs. 40, 40, 40, 15, 7, and 2. Make sure to buy them in that order so you earn your bonuses first.

NOTE: Bonus coins sometimes take a minute or two to appear on your account. If they seem to be missing, just wait a moment and check again.