Quite a big difference one month makes. He managed to get a better hang of the game, as well as eke out a zoolock deck to deal with the gold quest dailies. The contrast is quite stark!

I’ve personally obtained my first ever legendary from f2ping

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I wrote this thread a month ago (self.hearthstone)

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I was really depressed at the beginning but I’m already sitting on 2 nax wings, 1 Brm wing and a Mill Druid (fun deck!!) and a Zoolock Deck.

I didn’t pay anything. I played it and enjoyed it and I really love the booster hunt – even though it’s pretty annoying to grind for gold. If you have a good aggro deck (like Zoolock, which only really needs the first wing of nax), then you’ll have a good time as a newbie! (especially gold grind is so much easier with a aggro deck!)

Just wanted to say that. I was frontpage with that just a month ago .. well. Time changes fast. Hearthstone is great and my way is a lot easier than I thought.

Heads up newbies!

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Hearthstone is the most newbie-hostile f2p game I’ve ever played (self.hearthstone)

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The first thing I learned in Hearthstone; If you play f2p and want only one (!!!) good deck – have fun grinding months.

After the start into the game, which actually is pretty cool with the tutorial and the achievements, you directly can see what makes it hard for newbies.

The gold income is so fucking low that it’s depressing.

And when you tell yourself “hey man, keep your head up” you get fucking bashed by 90 legendary cards with your basic cards at rank 25-20 all the time.

Holy fuck. I really don’t wanna talk against Hearthstone or his players and I think it can be a really fun and great game but as a newbie.. damn.

I don’t know how any newbie should really feel welcomed and comfortable in his role. Especially the ones that really wanna play F2P.

I don’t think this thread will affect anything but yea.. I really wanted to write that down.

Thanks for reading.