There’s a lot of wonderful crafted hearthstone themed items being made by people around the world!

(If you’re looking for something digital, you can buy amazon coins as a gift and send it to them to buy hearthstone packs at a discount)

You can take a look at some of them:


Entering the Inn/”Unboxing”:


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10/10 wood box

Box Cake:



Booster Packs Theme:


She also received a 40 pack coupon


Velcro booster



And for viewing pleasure:

A Hearthstone Mug:


A Twitch Streamer Shoutout:


My girlfriend just got me the best Christmas gift ever. Thanks Trump! (self.hearthstone)

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So my girlfriend sat me down to show me a little surprise video on her computer, you could say I was pretty surprised. This is literally the best gift I have ever received and she was as excited about it as I was! She didn’t think Trump would deliver, but he did! I just wanted to thank /u/Trumpsc for the endless entertainment and making my christmas so much better! Love you all <3 excepthuntersfuckyou

Edit: Here’s a mirror if the link doesn’t work for you! Thanks to /u/TrinityBane for the link.