The 30% Hearthstone Amazon discount is back in time for the blackrock mountain expansion!

You get 10% off amazon coins, and a 30% coinback on purchases above $20 with coins. You can check out the previous amazon hearthstone guide on how it works via amazon coins!

I guess this is for allowing the coins to be used with the expansion purchases (for those who intend to purchase blackrock, or even naxx). Reddit is using that to get effective $10.50 off the expansion. (but it seems you have to buy the full set so it it’s above $20 for the coinback to activate, i.e. you can’t buy the first wing with gold)

The current rates looks to be 106 packs for $90 at Amazon v Google play’s 70 packs for $89.97, so about 50% better

amazon $90 for 106

blackrock mountain welcome

hearthstone amazon blackrock

The general steps are to

1) Install Amazon’s Appstore and install Hearthstone from it onto your Android Device or Emulator

2) Buy Amazon Coins

3) Use the Amazon coins to buy Hearthstone packs to get 30% coinback for purchases above $20, and then rinse and repeat with the new coins!