Apparently, 30 times as many people play LoL than Dota 2 in Lan centers, but dota 2 players play about two matches and LoL mostly one. Dota 2 is rather new in China (perfect world server), dota 1 is still played, and maybe people prefer playing Dota 2 at home? (Because of higher system requirements??)

Dota 2 players in China: the WarCraft III map was downloaded over 50 million times from Chinese sources alone, making it one of the most popular games there.


17173.com has analysed some statistics on MOBA gameplay in China from the months of July to November 2013, agglomerated from Shun Wang Corporation, the largest net cafe operator in China.

These statistics are derived directly from the net cafe reports, and represent more than half of net cafe patrons in China. The statistics take into account numbers of players, and average time spent playing the game. However, do note that these statistics are limited purely to net cafe patrons, and does not account for gamers from home.

Wonder what the situation is like for LoL and Dota 2 in korea however.

Red ine is League of legend, in chinese its directly translated to Heroes Alliance lol