(update: if you’re not in Singapore, another round of hearthstone beta key invites have been sent out!)

If you’re in Singapore from 6th to 8th December you can swing by Bugis+ for a free Hearthstone Beta Key as well as a $4 topup to buy battlenet balance so as to get booster packs or others. They both seem to come in card form so I’m not sure how limited the stocks are but there seemed to be a lot. (I didn’t take any as I already have the Hearthstone beta)

A mini tournament is also available with Mall Vouchers as well as the grand prize of a Surface Pro tablet (the windows one). Most of the computers they were using were Surface Pros with a mouse, I think all the Hearthstone gaming ones were, the registration ones had dells.

Didn’t get to see the mini tourneys take place however. (everyone will use preset decks)


The Area at bugis+


The Signboardhearthstonebugis+singapore hearthstoneview mainstage

The Main stage and registration. Seems like Mol will be doing the payments structure for SEA battlenet balance?registration counters

Ctrl C+ Ctrl V from Hearthstone SEA: https://www.facebook.com/HearthstoneSEA

Itching to play Hearthstone? Join us at Bugis+ on December 6-8th and get yourself a Hearthstone beta key!

Feeling gutsy? Have the most consecutive wins and get a $50 dollar voucher, and a chance to win the grand prize of a Surface Pro!

Everyone is welcome! Play Hearthstone, get free MOLPoints for in-game items, take part in our mini-games and lucky draw across the three days. See you there!

Q: What time is the event?
Dec 6 – 8. Fri, Sat & Sun 11am to 9.30pm

Q: Where is Bugis+?
Bugis+ is a mall located at 201 Victoria Street, Singapore. Our event will be at the mall atrium.

Q: How can we get a key?
Just show up, join our events and activities! Trust us, it wont be hard to get one.

Q: How do we join the consecutive win contest?
This is a first come first served event. All you need to do is come down and register – you will be using basic decks against the AI. (Nope – not your own constructed decks!) The winners will battle each other in a finals to win a Surface Pro.