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Sunday was an interesting event all the way in the far flung Science Center as a bigger Machine Learning Artifcial Intelligence event unfolded. Blockchain crept into a tiny lecture hall, drawing interested persons from a variety of backgrounds to one end of Singapore.

Attores opened with how they intended to use both hyperledger and ethereum to conduct their trade financing use cases in their arrangement with certain financial institutions.

1 attores

Following that, Toby of TenX had some difficulties with the projector, so there was a slight switch around in the schedule; where the other presenter went through their one stop shop turnkey blockchain solutions.

2 projector

Daimler then took the stage, making some humorous potshots at means of transportation through the ages and their Mercedes Blockchain Concept.

3 daimler

Their real meat came however when they presented how they intended to bring about a practical and achievable near term use case for a decentralized trustless ledger with autonomous contracts in that of truck financing in developing countries.5 truck financing

Unlike the Australian ship financing attempt, Daimler tries to bring the concurrent emergent technologes of the current age like AI, IoT, Blockchain and Crypto together into a viable near term experiment that would be falsifiable.4 use case