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perhaps its about time for the rumored KNC scrypt miner?

Singapore has the first payment processor in the world to take Litecoins!!! They are funded by Seedcoin, which organized the bitcoin conference in Singapore.

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GoCoin First to Enable Merchants to Accept Litecoin on the International Alt-Currency Payment Platform

It’s Not Just Bitcoin Anymore


GoCoin 12 hours ago

SINGAPORE–(Marketwired – Jan 10, 2014) –  GoCoin, a leading digital currency payment platform, announced today its ability to accept the alternative digital currency Litecoin. GoCoin clients will now have the flexibility to accept both Bitcoin and Litecoin payments all through one succinct platform.

GoCoin is the first payment platform to incorporate the growing alternative currency market. In earlier days of Bitcoin, many found themselves wondering, “Where can I actually spend my Bitcoins?” With this new feature, merchants can prevent Litecoin holders from facing that same dilemma by giving them a place to spend their Litecoins.

“GoCoin’s platform was specifically designed from the beginning to easily accommodate emerging digital currencies, such as Litecoin, because we saw the massive potential of the digital currency market,” said GoCoin’s Founder & CEO, Steve Beauregard. “Our goal is to create a one-stop payments solution for merchants to streamline checkout and expand sales with digital currency payments.”

“In the past we had to turn away customers requesting to purchase KnCMiner computers with Litecoin,” said Sam Cole, President of the leading Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer and a client of Gocoin. “Through this new alliance with GoCoin, for the first time, our worldwide customers will be able to pay with both Bitcoin and Litecoin.”

The GoCoin platform has been built by top-tier eCommerce experts to allow merchants to claim an advantage in the quickly adapting digital currency arena. With the ability to penetrate this untapped market, merchants who use GoCoin can be among the first to easily accept Litecoin, the leading alternative currency, behind Bitcoin.

For more information, please visit http://www.gocoin.com/.

The GoCoin international payment platform makes it easier than ever for online and retail merchants to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods. While payments infrastructure over the last half-century was designed to hold funds for as long as possible, while extracting maximum fees from consumers and merchants, GoCoin enables merchants to reap the benefits of accepting digital currency. GoCoin takes all of the perceived risk of accepting the digital currency on behalf of merchants. Founded in July 2013, GoCoin will process Bitcoin and Litecoin payments for online and brick and mortar retailers, bypassing the often cumbersome and insecure options of virtual exchanges and other third parties. For more information, please visit http://www.gocoin.com.

Official Website | Facebook | @GOCOIN

KnCMiner AB are the market leading producer of Bitcoin mining hardware. Based Stockholm, Sweden, they design, develop and manufacture Bitcoin Mining devices based on 28 and 20nm silicon production processes. Today over half of all bitcoin transactions worldwide are secured using equipment from KnCMiner. For more information, please visit https://www.kncminer.com/.


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They are relatively new, and based in Singapore. Here are a couple of stories: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-payment-processor-gocoin-ride-singapores-wave/ http://www.coindesk.com/gocoin-raises-500k-bitcoin-payments-asia-south-america/


Coindesk has also picked up on this


GoCoin Adds Litecoin to Payment Offering

(@dannybradbury) | Published on January 14, 2014 at 04:28 GMT | Companies, News

Bitcoin payment processor GoCoin is now accepting litecoin. The firm, formed in July, expanded its portfolio to include the altcurrency this week.

“Litecoin has reached the tipping point in our minds with sufficient liquidity to support merchant activities,” said GoCoin CEO Steve Beauregard.  “Like with our bitcoin interface, we are building in safeguards in the event the volatility becomes extreme in the wrong direction.

GoCoin, which raised $550,000 in venture funding in November, has been testing litecoin services with early adopters since late last month.

“We have not been focused on volume, we’ve been focused on functionality and workflow so we can scale quickly,” Beauregard said.

Roughly 20 merchants a day are signing up for the service, which offers the same transaction fees as for GoCoin’s bitcoin processing: 1% for the first $2,500 per month, decreasing after that on a sliding scale.

The firm offers an open API, client libraries for PHP, Java, and Node.js for developers that want to integrate with their own websites. It will shortly follow this up with integration options for Microsoft’s .Net.

Merchants can retrieve their payments either in altcoins or in periodic wires of fiat currency based on thresholds that they set.

GoCoin isn’t the first firm to offer litecoin-based payment processing for vendors. Kojn and CoinPayments also accept the altcurrency.

The more the merrier, said Charles Lee, litecoin’s founder. “I am very excited about GoCoin supporting Litecoin. As I’ve always said, the end goal is merchant adoption,” he said, pointing to Overstock’s adoption of bitcoin via Coinbase last week. “People are starting to realize that bitcoin/litecoin is a great one-two punch,” he continued. “I’m looking forward to seeing Litecoin being accepted everywhere.”

Lee works for Coinbase, a dominant payment processor in the bitcoin market that is not supporting Litecoin. “We think Litecoin is great, but no current plans to add support,” confirmed Brian Armstrong, CEO for Coinbase. “There is enough complexity trying to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream right now, and we don’t want to add any additional confusion. For people who are first learning about digital currency, the learning curve can be quite steep.

Beauregard differentiated himself from Coinbase, which offers a wallet and bitcoin sales alongside its merchant services.

“GoCoin has a laser focus on providing services to merchants and not trying to be all things to all people out of the gate,” he said. “We will align with other best of breed solutions like ExpressCoin that have an equally sound focus to provide integrated solutions.”

He also identified a “second movers advantage,” much as Google did with AltaVista and Yahoo!. GoCoin’s offshore status (its headquarters are in Singapore) also protects it from regulatory pressures, he added.

The firm will support other altcoins in the future but has no specific candidates yet.

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