a bitcoin website called Bihang was launched, which has led people to question who would launch a bitcoin site in this kind of climate.


The site was launched by co-founders Jiang Changhao and Wang Hao. Jiang is a former research scientist at Facebook, while Wang used to work at Goldman Sachs.


Unlike other bitcoin start-ups, Jiang and Wang are not bitcoin speculators, and they only own a few bitcoins themselves.


“If one can carry out peer-to-peer transactions without relying on the support of centralized organizations and third-party payment firms, it would be very cool,” Jiang said, citing the property market, and intellectual property rights transfer, as two areas that would benefit from the lack of regulation.


“This will be a whole new set of rules for the game, which will turn a lot of traditional trading practices on their head,” Jiang added.