Finally made it to legend! (one week after being hyped at brewlings tourney)

Free 2 play is the way 😀


Did my first ever craft of a legendary (Tirion, uther’s right hand leg) yesterday to prepare for this stretch.

The legendless midpally and aggropally are still pretty strong, but had trouble against players much better prepared against MC Dins if they had drawn the right cards.

Took me about 170 games since I first hit rank 5 (and maybe 80 to 100 to hit rank 5), but I changed decks multiple times. Went from budget midrange into pure aggro into midrange with tirion and then final tweaks for the last stretch.

Had I used this final deck from the get go from 5 I might have been able to rng and make it within 50 games or so?

Had a pretty strong winrate with the craft however, and it was a chain of wins past the innkeeper.

But probably not going through the grind of legend again hohoho

mc pally

Some crazy matches:

A druid who pulled the dream and astral communion at turn 2 (he started first and innervated) throwing 3 nice cards, but topdecking ysera. Had to go face is the place for that.

A priest running recombobulate, and tried to save his low hp Dr Boom into a Baron Geddon that rekt him.

Using Ashbringer 3 times on Totems.