It’s the inaugural year beast event for the chinese new year in dota again.

You get an item set for victory, and some consolations if you don’t. The event opens up for about 10 minutes every 3 hours or so (though patches keep changing here and there).

year beast brawl

(though last year, despite its flaws, felt more fun due to the entirely different game mode, this year is more of a romp in the same park)

year beast victory

If you have 10 unwanted items, you can also throw them for the crucible to get more ability points for your year beast, and will also allow you to predict the results of your all pick matches.

For more points, and an adorable puppy, there is the crystal maiden!

frost avalanche crystal maiden puppy

But take heed:


[PSA] If you haven’t bought the New Crystal Maiden Arcana, don’t do so just yetTip (self.DotA2)

submitted by Drives a HondaTheElie69

It is now marketable and there will be a massive flood of people who bought into the hype of the item and are just now realising that they hate playing supports because…well…supports aren’t carries.

Give it a few days and that puppy will be down to 15 dollars a pop.

And then us budget buyer true support players can enjoy crystal waifu goodness!

Edit: Ah, I see some bitter instabuyers are already downvoting me. Good, good, let the hate flow through you.

Edit 2: To all those PMing me saying that this is not guaranteed….Of course it’s not guaranteed. It is just the most probable scenario.