Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?


Congratulations Titan! Who takes a $15,000 prize.


Tobiwan is continuing his gag with GoDz


crystal maiden GoDz Tobiwan Leg hug

I’m guessing a lot more dota 2 cosplayers will be hugged by their legs in future events


GoDz actually got 3 shitty wizards in a row from the microplushes. OP!


GoDz 3 shitty wizards in a row

The Asian Cyber Games takes place in Singapore over these few days (27-29 Dec) with the except of China (due to ACE?), but Korea is in. (Startale)

There was an unofficial secret shop, the shirts were going $30+, microplush at $22, Furion at $55 ($48 for promotion discount) which gives the flowering treants

(I’ve opened up the Valve microplushes blindbox previously)

There was also the Steelseries Scythe of Vyse Siberia Head Set and they had the Heroclix set too.

unofficial secret shop

The shop was outside, but the main event was inside.

The dota 2 championship as well as cosplay, and also other games (like street fighter, ?blazblue and jumbeat)

There was a hearthstone booth with a pandaren brewmaster cosplayer! They were also giving out free hearthstone beta invites, but I don’t think they gave out battlenet balance like the Bugis+ Hearthstone giveaway event


People lining up to queue for Alodia the cosplayer, who cosplayed Lina

The queue curved inside, and the DK cosplayer went up with his prize (he won first and the rubick second I think) for her to sign as well as his shield.



alodia lina slayer


Tobiwan was also amazed by the cosplay



tobiwan boss dk

(the korean dragon knight cosplay)



tobiwan dota 2 cosplay

(realized these, windrunner, dk, crystal maiden, lina, rubick are pretty popular dota 2 cosplay, their korean counterparts here)

And oh Tobiwan


tobiwan hugs crystal maiden

Today had Startale, Titan (with yamateh|orange), Mith


Tomorrow will have Titan facing off against Mineski for the grand prize! (15k I think)

Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?