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Something tells me that seeing how Valve not only made a whole new set of visuals, VO, animations and, I don’t know, CENTERED THE CHRISTMAS EVENT AROUND IT, they might know just a liiiiittle bit better what is legally possible. That said, though, I too think that WK kinda looks like the king of the ghost army in LotR. A very, very decent lot. The names, too. But then, there isn’t a big MOBA centered around LotR coming out anytime soon, now is there?

And yeah, even I must admit that Blizzard have impacted Dota 2’s development more than we expected them too (several previous changes that people foolishly also blamed on Blizzard notwithstanding). HotS is more than likely the reason for Omniknight’s color scheme change (he looked almost exactly like the paladins from WC3 – of whom Uther Lightbringer, a hero in HotS, was a part of), Windrunner’s name change (I honestly am amazed that Valve really thought that it’s a good idea to name their character that when it’s one of the more prominent last names in Warcraft history) and WK’s existance (as my quick search has shown, there is (might be? seen on screenshots) a characer in HotS probably called Skeleton King). None of that seems to have been in the plans – or a big problem, really – but HotS has mixed things up. And I am really pretty sure that the law line here is so thin it’s better not to risk anything. Some ground has to be given.

But I implore everyone not to tell others that Doom Bringer becoming Doom and Wisp becoming Io (THE WORST CHANGES IN DOTA 2 HISTORY) are to be blamed on Blizzard. Sometimes Valve too feel like mixing things up. So let us be just.

And if we’re to be just, then Blizzard crumbles to dust for all the sins they’ve commited and Valve make it possible to switch between WK and SK because personally I think WK is cool as… something really cool. But that is highly unlikely. These requests, especially when formed in at least somewhat constructive way – for once this is one of them – have some common sense and ground behind them, but some things are just decided there where we do not thread. It is rather pointless crying out like that.

Lastly though, I’d disagree about WK being generic. Skeletons are way more generic than ghosts. Badass ghost kings need more recognition.

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They should have just renamed him “Bone King” and turned his model into a giant, floating leg femur wearing a crown.

Edit: Also, as some others have said, they didn’t change him to a Wraith because of copyright issues. They did it because of China and I guess they wanted to make a big deal out of it.