The founder of Moolah, a cryptographic payment platform, yesterday donated too much moolah (sorry) to a dogecoin fundraising campaign.

Alex Green had intended to give 2 million dogecoin to support the reddit community’s effort to put a dogecoin car in NASCAR. By chance he typed an extra zero, raising the amount to 20 million dogecoin – or $15,000.

However, Green is standing by his generous donation and took to reddit to raise the stakes even higher:

Was meant to be 2M…. silly keyboard. I will stand by my mistake however! Anybody care to match me? The first person to match at least 10% will receive a hot pass to Talladega.

Team Spirit

Josh Wise is the driver being sponsored by the campaign, he drives the No. 98 Chevrolet SS in the Sprint Cup Series. Until the dogecoin community stepped in, he didn’t have a sponsor.

It takes $55,000 to sponsor a car. If the Doge4Nascar campaign is able to raise the 67,500,000 dogecoin needed (which the donation page suggests it has) then they will wrap his car in doge design. There is also a paintjob contest being conducted on reddit to pick the best design.

The Doge4Nascar campaign made the disclaimer that if they couldn’t raise the money needed for NASCAR, then the donations would go to another charity.

However, that won’t be necessary; after Green’s donation the fundraising effort reached 82% of its goal. The current total now stands at 100.47%.

Dogecoin NASCAR