Dogecoin has been turning heads for its high profile social movements that take global crowdfunding to the next level. It has helped the Jamaican Bobsled team and the Indian Luger team for the Sochi Olympics, raised water for Kenya, and sent Nascar #98 racer Josh Wise into the races!

The magic of Dogecoin is that it allows anyone with a computer that has a graphics card linked to the internet, to magically transform their utilities and electricity bill into a movement of monetary value across the entire world instantaneously. Instead of paying banks and middlemen exorbitant fees, by paying your electricity bills you are able to push value into the hands of causes and movements around the world that you feel for. No more paying visa or mastercard $0.30 to donate $1, millions of people can donate $1 for less than 0.1% in fees if at all! Instead of letting middlemen chop away at the donations, using graphics cards to mine dogecoin (or just outright buying it), essentially allows the entire world to send small beams of money at worthy causes, that when accumulated becomes amazing enough to send people to olympics, build water wells in africa, or send an underdog racer to the Nascar!

On top of saving fees, this also allows people around the world to support areas where politically powerful people are able to quash Paypal and Credit cards. Cryptocurrencies can be impeded, but difficult to ban.

By mining, one can engage in nearly free instantaneous value transfer, much like how Whatsapp used the internet to make an SMS equivalent pretty much free. It is not just communications that are changed now, but also the movement of money. Global causes have a new arrow in their quiver.

The area of money flow, looks prime for disruption.

But only time will tell, how it will go.