DK plays Rattlesnakes after Tongfu faced off against VG.

DK is the hot favorite, and for good reason!

DK has been undefeated so far, with tongfu losing to VG earlier.



Results Image:

End of Game 1

dk v rattlesnake g1 bo2

Rattlesnake puts up a pretty good fight against DK in the second one, doing a few good team fights, but DK eventually pushed through with two lane continued pressure and siege.

On DK, they went mass blinks and force staffs, quickly hitting 3 blinks and 2 forcestaffs.

Rattlesnake manages to even up the kills at 2x to 2x, but DK eventually outstrips them to take it about 34 to 27.

DK remains undefeated now with 10-0 in the group stages