What a way to open October!


The highly anticipated matchup between the two china teams DK and IG just took place! Both teams are the only ones to have not dropped a match in the league until today.

Updated with Post Match Interview


They begun with how they got into gaming, with Burning having started early on (2008 debut), and going through the team.

Mushi on China, he loves everything but isn’t used to the food

Iceiceice on China, he finds crossing the roads very dangerous, to laughter from the crowd, and then on the toilet bowl getting jammed, again to laughter from the crowd

They were asked about MLG, which is of course also highly anticipated with Navi and Alliance. iceiceice passes the mike to Dai in a funny way, again to crowd’s laughter. Dai replies: they don’t know about being confident for it, but they see it as an excellent opportunity to learn and practice against international playstyles aside from TI.

MMY is asked about name change from Weapon X, as well as role change. His response seems to be it just happened that way, Dai was laughing a bit. (not too sure)

Mushi is asked about playing mid. Mushi says he doesn’t look at the other mid, but tries to play his best.

Iceiceice is also asked about his change of roles, iceiceice says he counts on his allies and trusts in them.

Team is asked about professional gaming as a career.

Burning says to focus on settling the family and academics before considering going pro.

Mushi says there are many sacrifices that have to be made, that one might not consider at that point then when going pro, that makes you cherish the simple things such as having a meal with family

iceiceice says, if you want to go pro just go pro, do what you need to do, do what you want to do.

Dai says, I would say you should do what you need/want to do too, since iceiceice is singaporean it might be a different context so I would say that even for me I think the advice holds true. And also that iceiceice is a person who does what he wants to do. Don’t feel constrained.

MMY/X, says, if you have to pick you should pick studies. If you have a choice to study you should.

Questions from the floor

Discussion about studies and gaming.

Quiz for prices

This match took place in the BO2 format, and it showed the new level in gameplay after TI3 as well as the move of South East Asia’s Mushi (Malaysia) and Iceiceice (Singapore) to China.

These are probably two of the best teams on the East side at this point of time, and their Bo2 was a match to see!

We open with Burning taking weaver (Lanm and Dai supports as Naga Siren and Lion) against Hao’s Gyro (supports Banana’s Rubick and Faith Visage) , Mushi taking Shadowfiend in mid against Ferrari’s Nightstalker, Iceiceice taking Clockwerk in the offlane against YYF’s darkseer.

The game opens with an early first blood by Iceiceice’s clockwerk against YYF’s darkseer, but it happened off the stream camera.

(rewatching video: he had a dd rune it seems, and from the minimap it looks he finished off yyf near yyf’s tower, winter said a successful cog by iceiceice on darkseer)

In a clutch play by iceiceice, he avoids a smokegank going for his bottom when he TPs in to save Mushi’s Shadowfiend from a nightstalker assault at night, and later on finishes it up with a kill on Balanar/nightstalker just a while later again at night.

Balanar is again killed another time once more at night later on.

Many incredible plays by iceiceice’s clockwerk throughout the entire match, commentators note that he only missed one throguh that point, and that was only because it was an illusion!

He also manages to barrier himself to do powerful escapes.

Incredible plays too with the use of Siren’s ulti to avoid Gyro’s calldown ulti, and to set up position for SF requiem. One choice quote from Winter that BKB was what killed him against the Siren ulti.

Hao’s Gyro was killed by two supports, siren and lion with lion only having mana for finger. The pressure by DK forced Hao to seek out risky farm spots.

It became an utter steamroll by DK.

In a very short span of time, GG is called.

It seems that without a doubt iceiceice is MVP for the first match, and clockwork could well be the new pudge.

DK takes one against IG with a very convincing win.


The next match begins with iceiceice as spiritbreaker on top against hao’s weaver, faith’s earthshaker and banana chen, mushi OD v ferrari Troll warlord, burning Ck Dai wisp and Lanm KOTL v YYF’s elder titan.

after taking mvp in the earlier game, iceiceice has difficulty getting farms as the space cow against IG at top, he makes use of the SB semiglobal to escape from a fissure gank and almost replicates again except that he was caught at the tail end of Faith’s fissure in the second gank. He is kept pressured through the game and was unable to replicate his MVP clockwerk style.

OD is unable to keep pressure on Troll Warlord, who went melee to ensure he gains extra experience from Mushi’s deny, a powerful tactic.

At the bottom, despite CK and Wisp sticking together, the strong early game combination of IG proved too much.

IG won quite a few team battles and this time round it looked like the reverse of the first game with IG looking like it had locked down DK.

At one point it was DK at 5 to IG’s 15 kills, with IG having a 10k gold lead.

IG is trying to push in their advantage, all the way up the high ground where they are met with incredible holds and clutch play from DK. Chaos Knight and OD makes powerful play and quick work with their ultis, coupled by strong support.

Iceiceice somehow distracted Chen off camera, as well as wasting the Earthshaker ultimate off the screen. His other techniques involved the charge + tp scroll, disappearing before the charge landed and disorientating IG. (It seems like a modification of the fountain hook counter iceiceice was researching)

This was a pivotal moment.

OD was slowly getting his farm on, picking up his BKB, Shiva’s and later Hex. He was the only true carry hero. DK was patient and slowly went for incredible engages and winning team fights to slowly clawback the edge.

It ended about 22-21 to DK.

At one point the commentators remarked that this was a semiglobal hero party. With incredible mobility around the map for DK.

(This match will have you on the edge of your seats)

An incredible two games and perhaps a glimpse at the future of World Dota or The International 4 play, it will be very exciting to see the upcoming MLG with DK entering along with Navi and Alliance, not to mention the other very notable teams in the pool too.

Epic match throughout!


Spoiler Result


DK wins 2-0 against IG


Update: DK has been a tad under the water since 6.79 (spoilers alert)