Update: Found the Dota Cosplayers at Gstar 2013 Korea Busan Bexco!

DK fight alliance again at MLG Columbus!

This is probably the most highly anticipated match following the international 3. We get to see one of the top China/Asia team reformed after the ACE debacle against the winner of TI3 and one of the top European/West team. Both teams have been shaky since patch 6.79, but it does look as if the counterparts are DK and Alliance, IG and Navi, with the latter taking quite a bit of wins against the former since the patch.

People around the world will be tuning in for this matchup of epic proportions!

They are at Bexco, Busan Korea, at the Games exhibition G-Star Convention

Match odds are at 60-40 favoring Alliance, Merlini thinks DK is being underestimated. Although both have been inconsistent lately


This will be the first time the grand crossing of realms meet since TI3, although we will be seeing another at MLG Columbus coming up towards the end of the month. This Dota 2 Nexon Invitational Super Match will be a best of 3, on OGN (on game net) in Korea. Each win nets $7500 for this set, in the week 3

The interpreter for Team Alliance (English)
They are asked about this being their last match in Korea.

alliancevdkkoreangirlinterpreter alliancevdkprematchteam

DK.Burning tries some korean. (Their interpreter is chinese)
They are asked about iceiceice and Loda, being former teammates.


Iceiceice trolling

iceiceicetorlling iceiceicetrolling1

Iceiceice: I need to kill Loda (pwn loda)
Loda: If it makes you happy
Iceiceice: must kill loda


LOL friend (thanks a.g.) just pointed out its labelled as League of Legends

(they’ve since changed it tho)


Toby casting, saying about DK, Chinese dota and the SEA players. Burning doing draft instead of Mushi due to 6.79. Toby talking about Alliance, Loda carrying a teddy bear.

Korean crystal maiden and Lina cosplay (Found more photos!)


Toby: LaNm, like Akke, most stylish player, 3 hours to get a haircut

Game 1



Akke gets firstblood on Mushi at mid on successful rotation

EGM powershot takes another on iceiceice timbersaw, 2-0 kills favoring alliance

DK clear 3 tier 1 towers. kill score still 2-0

Alliance nabbed a teamwipe against DK, 7-0

Roshan engage, 10-3

10-4 lion finger, roshan pit

12-4 DK takes two tier 2 towers, left 1

Alliance takes rax, top and bot lanes for alliance are open to slow creep wave erosion however

…The adverts for the twitch stream seems to come in at exciting moments, and then spam multiple ads one after another. A ridiculous amount

I have to say that was quite push from DK from the heroes, though the early losses proved too insurmountable

Alliance takes game 1

Game 2

dk v alliance game 2 dk v alliance game 2 lineup

2-2 now

clutch plays


tight trades

4-4 alliance edges up slightly

4v4, loda v iceiceice bottom (old team zenith matchup :D)

excite5 excite4 excite3 excite2 excite1

15 min raw battlefury for burning

Team fight in middle


Completely exposed base for DK, still holding on.

They have to play very well to come back

! stream died

Looks like Alliance won

They toggle the streams in real time but the stream itself has a time lag

There’s a few threads on reddit now about how terrible the stream was, which it was.

OnGameNet Stream is HORRIBLE!Complaint | eSports (self.DotA2) as top Hot

OnGameNet, Worst tournament stream experience of my life.Complaint | eSports (self.DotA2)


That aside, pretty cool to see the East v West matchup. It does look like DK still have a way to go, before we see them again in MLG Columbus, but they did quite a good job in the second game despite losing. Alliance of course, had their efficient executed play that they are known for, taking their double wins.