Niantic has flipped the switch on Ditto and it has been found in the wild, disguising itself as common creatures like magikarp or ratatas. Upon catching a normal pokemon, you can see it transform back to its ditto form.

You can see the first sighting on silph road

Found Ditto! from TheSilphRoad

More details are in the thread:

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I just tested out Ditto in a Gym. It immediately transformed into an Arcanine (the Pokémon I was battling) before I tapped the screen to dodge/attack.

This mechanic represents a balance for Transform. The opponent attacks twice at the beginning of a fight as your Ditto transforms in the meanwhile, meaning you automatically take damage upon starting the battle. That being said, one could prevent this by switching in their Ditto rather than starting off with it.

What we know:

Need more info on:

  • repeated transformation (i.e. whether Ditto transforms into the next Pokémon that switches out against it in a Gym battle)
  • how to use Struggle if Ditto immediately transforms into the opposing Pokémon (most probably, as others have pointed out, through a Ditto v. Ditto battle)
  • if any wild Pokémon can be a Ditto in disguise or if it’s just the ones mentioned in the confirmed list above
  • whether or not Ditto nests exist
  • frequency of Ditto disguises (of all Pokémon that Ditto disguises as, which, if any, are the most frequent)
  • how Ditto’s stats get affected once it transforms
    • one trainer reports here that, when training against their own Chancey in a Gym, the CP of his Ditto tripled post-adjustment but was still easily defeated by their Gym-deployed Chancey, leading them to believe that the original stats of Ditto are kept intact after Transform. A reply to this comment states that if the Ditto mechanic follows the canon mechanic, then its Attack and Defense stats should reflect that of the Pokémon that Ditto is mimicking while it retains its original HP. Further testing required to pin down a definitive Pokémon Go mechanic for Transform’s effect on Ditto’s stats post-transformation!
  • whether badges relevant to the Ditto-disguise affect the catch rate of Ditto
    • as cited above, apparently a Ditto will display the badges relevant for its disguise instead of the Normal Badge that an un-transformed Ditto should display, so the question is which of the badge boosts (i.e. the Normal Badge or the ones relevant to the Ditto disguise) affect the catch rate of Ditto
  • whether Ditto-disguises appear on the Sightings list as the disguised Pokémon or whether all Ditto encounters are absent from the Sightings list (i.e. any Pokémon on the Sightings list has no chance of being a Ditto, but a Pokémon encountered that is absent from the Sightings list has a chance of being a Ditto)
  • whether disguised Dittos can be Lure-spawned
  • whether Ditto spawn rates correlate to some pattern (e.g. geographic features, special days, holiday seasons, etc.)

Note: I will be continually updating this as I find more confirmation of Ditto mechanics. Will be cleaning up this comment to keep it nice and concise, and all sources will be cited.

e: proof of Ditto

And this looks to be the lastest changes following the CP changes that has changed the rankings slightly.

Pokemon CP adjustments by Niantic from TheSilphRoad

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Editing based on this thread

Going up: Alakazam(+++), Aerodactyl(++), Beedrill(++), Butterfree(++), Chansey(+++), Charizard(+), Cloyster(+++), Dodrio(++), Dugtrio(+), Electabuzz(+), Electrode(++), Fearow(+), Flareon(++), Hitmochan(+++), Hitmonlee(+++), Gengar(+++), Golem(+++), Gyarados(+++), Jolteon(+++), Jynx(+++), Kabutops(++), Kangaskhan, Kingler(+++), Machamp(+++), Magneton(+++), Marowak(+), Mr. Mime(+++), Muk(+), Omastar(++), Onix(+), Pinsir(+++), Primeape(++), Rapidash(+), Raticate(+), Rhydon(+++), Sandslash(+++), Seadra(++) Scyther(++), Snorlax(++), Starmie(++), Tangela(+++), Tauros(+++), Tentacruel(+), Vaporeon(+++), Venomoth(++)

Going Down: Arbok(-), Arcanine(-), Blastoise(–), Clefable(-), Dewgong(–), Exeggutor(-), Farfetch’d, Golbat(-), Golduck(-), Hypno(-), Lickitung(-), Magmar(-), Nidoking(-), Nidoqueen(-), Ninetails(–), Parasect(-), Persian(—), Pidgeot(-), Poliwrath(-), Porygon(-), Raichu(-), Seaking(-), Slowbro(-), Venusaur(-), Victreebell(–), Vileplume(-), Weezing(-), Wigglytuff(—)

Unchanged by popular request: Lapras

Conflicting reports: Charziard (mostly up), Dragonite (mostly up), Onix, Rapidash (mostly up)

We’re not cavemen anymore. SilphRoad has the actual stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_WS9FIGSlKVk6XAJTE3TxXIqlBPIQ5Lsx5qifE72vXY/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true Thanks /u/LordParkin for bringing this to my attention!

Eeveelutions are up, and the plants are all dying.

Both Charizard and Dragonite are all over the place. I don’t know what to do with them.

Thanks for the comments! Much faster than scrolling the thread.

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