Update: TI4 has a new dota mouse, with Hell’s Glare item

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Successful Sale of the Kantusa Script Sword in the Dota 2 Marketplace:


So one of the promotional methods Valve has for Dota 2 is to sign up with makers of peripherals or even their own valve/steam store to offer promotional digital items alongside real products (or virtual products such as tournament access or compendiums). So you may know/heard of the Genuine Scythe of Vyse with the Steelseries siberia headset or Baekho that comes with the Nexon Sponsorship league tickets, or the Rubick set. On the valve shop there is the now famous flowering treants for furion plushie (and also the CK event), and the lockless luckbox which can drop the much sought after Nyx Assassin dagon that immensely upgrades the dagon effect in the game. They can come from the dota pokeballs which are about 10 usd.

So for this particular promotion, there is the Dota 2 Mouse + Mousepads bundle by steelseries using the kana mouse. In Singapore, where I am now, it can be purchased for around $90 (singapore dollars, following figures are in sgd). The list price for mine was $95 but it came to $89 after discount. It also comes with its own in game item, the Kantusa Script Sword for the Juggernaut.


The theme of this bundle is red and black, the red scroll button on the mouse will glow reddish orange when plugged in. That bump there is a button to toggle dpi. There’s one side button on each side, which some say is easier to press than the LR clicks.


The mousepad is rolled up within the box and is simply a dota two logo on top of a black background


And of course the most important part of the package, for many people who are buying it. Since this is the deciding factor, the card that previously gave dota 2 access back when it was in the beta and now simply gives the Kantusa item, which is ranked at Genuine Mythical Quality.

It is also a powerful way to ensure people buy from steelseries I guess, instead of say shipping an OEM device at a fraction of the price from Taobao and a Taobao forwarder/agent. This could be the case for the Steelseries Siberia headset, since many people would go for the Genuine Scythe of Vyse that I think you can sell for 400 to 450 sgd whether by steam or a private deal.


As you can see there is a typo, becoming Inivite instead of invite. I guess there’s an I in invite. Over the back is a place to scratch the code out and type it in. I won’t be taking a picture of that 😉


This is the digital “receipt” you should get upon successful activation. Be careful for people who try to sell you box sets for the full price if they have already taken out the code. But of course the code portion should have the material that has to be scratched off to see the code. So you would have known they have used it if that “seal” of sorts is breached.


Here is the script sword when it drops into your inventory. I did take it out in dota for quick spin, but I don’t usually play Yurnero. So its time to sell it and “subsidize” the cost of my mouse! My old mouse was spoiling which was why I was looking for a new one. Was going to get the logitech g400 (the spiritual successor to mx518) but then they were phasing it out with the g400s (which was also more expensive). So the g400 would be going for $45+ in the few places I could find it and the g400s $50++. With the dota 2 kana, I could buy it at $89 and try to sell the sword, although it would be difficult to cash out of the steam wallet. However you can use the steam wallet to buy games on steam, such as bioshock infinite or assassin’s creed 3 and next time 4. So if you play games on the computer and those games come from steam, it probably saves you on stuff such as paypal conversion costs or credit card currency rates. But of course you have to sell the Kantusa first!


I then placed it such that the final price will end at .99, which is the usual marketing technique that everyone around the world uses I guess, from the 1.99 store to most other places.

If it sells, then I will pocket 47.82 USD which will come around to (say 1.25 rates) which is $59.775, lets take it to be $59.78, so the mouse and mousepad will have cost me $29.22, bringing it way below the g400. (If only mx518 had a dota promotion too!)

At about this point, someone tried to scam me (or so it seemed). The person will invite you asking to trade and offer you payment options in Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union and Qiwi (?) amongst others and will try to persuade you of the reasons why he cannot use steam wallet. If this is for a person who lives in the same country/state/region/block and you, it may be possible to arrange a meetup deal at a LAN center or something to exchange, however, very possibly its a scammer trying to make use of the chargeback ability offered by such payment methods. They will wire you the money so you will pass them the digital item, and then later charge it back, stealing your item.

Needless to say, I declined and directed the person to purchase via steam wallet. I would rather pay the steam taxes than lose my item.

You could try asking them if they want to pay in bitcoins… no chargeback there


And it sold! There you have it, I have a $29.22 mousepad and mouse, provided I buy about 48 usd of games or dota tournaments or keys or even more genuine items. At the very least it allows some spare capital to finance casual dota flipping!

And thats it for now!

Some people may express skepticism about the huge prices of items selling, well I have no idea why, perhaps they are rich saudi princes or russian tycoons or children of magnates around the world. I’m not complaining if the item is selling 😀

So after selling the Kantusa a while back, what could I buy? Hmm, I’m thinking of getting the MLG ticket to see DK in action against Navi and Alliance and perhaps the OGN where Korea will match up against some of the teams around the world. Maybe they will have their own equivalent of Baekho courier too.


Non genuines of scythe of vyse are craftable now

Want to learn more about dota 2 microplushies and lockless luckboxes?