Update: frostivus 75% discount and wraith night replacement

Played another match, just realized there are two phases of item awards.
Got a few more items in a few matches. Not sure how item drops are done. Don’t think I got any essences today.

diretide inventory dropped

Those 3 items are the ones that dropped for me. Saved me from buying the cursed recipe: materialize item from the auction house.

emberspiritbackprofile emberspiritingamediretidemap emberspirit

Ember spirit is really quite a cool hero visually, looking badass a bit of a fiery antimage, but with cooler flaming blades. Would be a really cool hero to have cosmetic equipment and gear. Those two flaming blades have twice the potential, crossing juggernaut blades with antimage blades with doombringer blades at the very basic to say new swords.

Time for crafting!

Bought the remainder of the mats from the market

recipespentcrappycursed item dota2crafting cursedcrafting

Got a crappy item, cursed mantle of ancestral luck. LOL. Guess the shadow essence was burnt there. Recipes are consumed upon use.