New Bloom Festival is out!

Update: frostivus 75% discount and wraith night replacement

More Diretidings, Ember Spiriting and Cursed Crafting

Did a few rounds of diretide today. This years diretide differs from last year where it was to kill roshan in the fastest time, this years has a few phases leading up to continuous battle with a roshan, with the highest levelled roshan in the cycle making the team eligible for Platinum Baby Roshan. IG took the first cycle with a level 81 roshan.

Basically you can run around grabbing candies and throwing them into the pumpkin bucket around the middle tower. A prisoner’s dilemma starts every game as the two matchmade teams ask each other if they want to COOP or WAR and then you may have defections or rogue actors and many other spells flying around.

I found it quite fun as it takes only a short amount of time (unless you get something really going and can take roshan to a high level) and is pretty casual and free of the usual normal game seriousness. Everyone wins.

The first round I managed to get a wex essence as well as two identical recipes: Materialize item



Had a game where the entire opposing team disconnected, leading to an autowin once the game start, and a free wex essence.

Higher roshan levels are supposed to drop better loot, it seems that balanced candy bars may also lead to better loot. I had 4 drop in one where the candies were balance, although one item might be due to levelling. Had 3 the next round which had a higher level roshan, but non balanced candy bars.

another two runs

(The bloodstone and liferipper scythe items towards the bottom right are not from the diretide event)

So I got a few essences, a gemstone box, a scroll box and 1 uncommon and common.

I suppose one could sell them on the steam market (which is now unfrozen) if one isn’t tempted to start crafting new stuff out. Crafting seems like a great addition! Have not had a chance to try sockets out.

Diretide doesn’t give much experience (maybe about 26?), not sure if it tapers off at a higher level, but it sure drops a lot of items!

The patch was pretty big. The recipes for genuine items pretty much killed the lockless luckbox, turning it really into the luckless lockbox at about $40, Nyx Dagon has dropped to about $50 similar to the non genuine crafted recipe version. Kunkka’s shadow blade has dropped to about $100.

Rest of the markets started low as people re-relisted their items. Think I lost a bit due to the strange to inscribed changes, but not too sure about the changes in other items that may or may not offset it.

New Bloom Festival is out!