Cookie Clicker is a game that is at first glance about clicking cookies, but has a deeper metagame.
If you’ve never played the game, you can try it at cookie clicker here, or if you’ve played it but are looking for the dungeon, the dungeon beta for cookie clicker.
Generally, seems to be a bug where golden cookies keep spawning, seems to be fixed but might still exists in old games.
Speed baking shadow achievements reset, this is likely linked to the gated heavenly chips to prevent it from being too easily obtained. Heavenly upgrades now exist to unlock heavenly “potential”.
11 cookies for 5%, 1,111 for 25%, 111,111 for 50%, 11,111,111 for 75% and 1,111,111,111 for 100%
4 new cookie upgrades requiring heavenly chips at 10, 100, 500, 2000 HC, price at 999,999,999,999,999 (5 sets of triple 9s)
From ingame update log
15/10/2013 – it’s a secret
-added a new heavenly upgrade that gives you 5% of your heavenly chips power for 11 cookies (if you purchased the Heavenly key, you might need to buy it again, sorry)
-golden cookie chains should now work properly
15/10/2013 – player-friendly
-heavenly upgrades are now way, way cheaper
-tier 5 building upgrades are 5 times cheaper
-cursors now just plain disappear with Fancy Graphics off, I might add a proper option to toggle only the cursors later
-warning : the Cookie Monster add-on seems to be buggy with this update, you might want to wait until its programmer updates it
15/10/2013 – a couple fixes
-golden cookies should no longer spawn embarrassingly often
-cursors now stop moving if Fancy Graphics is turned off
14/10/2013 – going for the gold
-golden cookie chains work a bit differently
-golden cookie spawns are more random
-CpS achievements are no longer affected by golden cookie frenzies
-revised cookie-baking achievement requirements
-heavenly chips now require upgrades to function at full capacity
-added 4 more cookie upgrades, unlocked after reaching certain amounts of Heavenly Chips
-speed baking achievements now require you to have no heavenly upgrades; as such, they have been reset for everyone (along with the Hardcore achievement) to better match their initially intended difficulty

-made good progress on the mobile port