David Moskovitz of Coinrepublic.com being interviewed on channel news asia in Singapore. He held up pretty well in the interview.

An older CNA on bitcoin


btcchina 6k plus yuan okcoin china ltc yuan 380 mtgox 1200 usd 1224 usd btce 48 ltc

Bitcoin breaks 1200 USD mark today, making a milestone as well as pretty much sidling up with paper gold thats hovering around 1240. It lost a bit of steam, cant break 7000 yuan in china it seems. Maybe this adds support to the possibility that this round is a west side push?

A roller coaster day as well as a crazy rise in litecoin. We have it trying to hit its ratio high in LTC/BTC which it does at 0.0519 btc. It hit a high of about 48 USD before dropping back. Note that it was like 4 bucks just a few days ago. Quite a few litecoin millionaires will be minted today. This is like round two of the bitcoin millionaires. China takes on the litecoin frenzy, hitting 380 yuan in China’s okcoin. Thats about 62.39 USD. Almost 2/3rds the way to hundred. That will take you 16,000 litecoins to be a USD millionaire in china I guess.

It also clears the 1 billion market cap.


not too shabby

New highs all round.

ltc:btc 0.0519

Two articles on Zerohedge


Yahoo finance republishes the Business Insider article on litecoin


Thats a lot of new eyeballs looking at litecoin

The Bitcoin Parabola Continues: Up 10% In 12 Hours, Hits $1170

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Despite the US being largely on holiday, the demand for digital currencies continues to surge. Bitcoin has rallied another 10% overnight as Chinese appetite for alternative stores of value remains unabated (BTC China is nearing its record highs) as USD/BTC is trading at $1170 – on its way to crossing the Maginot line of gold’s spot price (within a few hours at this pace). Bitcoin though has nothing on its smaller cousin Litecoin which has now run from $1.11 to over $48 in the last 5 weeks. In fact, almost every crypto-currency in the world – from Infinitecoin to AnonCoin is surging… with only the ironically named PhoenixCoin (-68% overnight) not rising from the flames of fiat torment.


Bitcoin is making new highs in USD…


Getting close in China…


and Litecoin is exploding…

Charts: BitcoinWisdom


Almost every digital currency is on fire… (via coinmarketcap.com)


can’t remember which is the rumored satoshi account lol

Presenting The BitKillers: These Are The Richest Holders Of Bitcoin

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The top holder of Bitcoins is the unlikely named 1933phfhK3ZgFQNLGSDXvqCn32k2buXY8a with 111,111 units of the crypto-currency (up from 40,000 units in the summer of 2011) for a total value over $110 million. Perhaps most interesting is these 100 Bitcoin holders represent over 20% of the entire outstanding amount of the alternative currency.


The following 100 Holders represent 2.23 million Bitcoins of the 11.12 million total oustanding currently…

(click image for full list)


and the Number 1 Holder has been adding (though hasn’t added since Feb 2013…)


And the concentration of Bitcoins has fallen from its early incarnation highs but has been static for recent months…


Source: BitcoinRichList


Singapore has also been the last stop for Life on Bitcoin, as well as host to the Bitcoin 2013 Conference.