Coin of Sale’s Tomas Forgac and Rajah and Tann’s Rajesh Sreenivasan at CNA on China Bitcoin

Coin of Sale is a point of sales solution for bitcoin and

Rajah and Tann is one of the domestic Big 4 law firms for Singapore

Tomas talks about the resilience of bitcoin, and Rajesh emphasises the need to engage with the global phenomenon that is bitcoin, that one cannot ignore it and hope that it will go away, for a technology that is growing incredibly popular not keeping pace would lead to being caught flatfooted at a later point.


It’s been rumored for weeks now, that the People’s Bank of China has told domestic lenders to close the bank accounts of bitcoin exchanges, and that ban kicks in on April 15th. The central bank denies the ban, but major exchanges say they’ve received closure notices, as China looks less and less like the virtual currency utopia it was once thought to be.