New Bloom Festival is out!

Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?

Update: frostivus 75% discount and wraith night replacement

So I was browsing around the edmw forums and someone suggested the gem case and scroll case to be possibly lucrative opens for a temporary period. The person had an alpine before too! (the immortal alpine set)

Before that I tried with a materialize recipe

materialize crafting materialize assembly materialize outocme

Nope nothing much, time to open the scroll cases then

ancientscrollcase ancientscrollcase t on a ancientscrollcase unlocking ancientscrollcase dragon sword recipe ancientscrollcase contents

Yup, got a dragon sword on the first try! Then I opened about 5+ more boxes and there was nothing good left. Didn’t manage to break even in the end D:

Then crafted a few hammers and chisels to cut my losses. They sold for more at the start, less so now.

artificer hammer crafting Ahammer assembly tada hammer

chisel1 chisel 2 chisel 3

Then I went to try the other chests, here are some of the stuff I got

diretide key chest diretide key free bad voodoorubick with inscribed spell devourer inscribed spell devourer

All diretide chests comes out inscribed now. I got a rubick staff, inscribed spell devourer (rare). Its a snake staff that spits what seems to be alchemical glowing hovering poison. Looks not bad though!

inscribed intelligence stolen OD inscribed tracked invisible kills bh bounty hunter inscribed debuffs purged slark inscribed tornado kills invoker locked gemstone

The different inscribed gems I got from the gemstone cache: inscribed intelligence stolen OD (oblivion destroyer, outworld devourer), inscribed tracked invisible kills bh bounty hunter, inscribed debuffs purged slark, inscribed tornado kills invoker


I had a few strange items (now inscribed) going over into this patch, I guess their values may stay down for a while ackhh D:

But ah wells, I’m broke now

broke now

Time to trade back up! But ah wells, I keep blowing up the wallet on dota2lounge bets and treasure keys.

Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?

New Bloom Festival, with vermilion renewal, bloom harvests and crimson parcels is out!