Amazon November 2016 Hearthstone Promo

Update: Mean Street expansion is out! promotion remains 25% Black friday is coming soon, as well as the new hearthstone expansion, but before that the current amazon november 2016 coin promotion is for 25% meaning you can start stocking up if needed in case there is any coin back. It may be that there will be pockets of time around black friday or expansion release where coin purchase bonus will be increased (though the existing is still decent) so it depends on whether you are thinking of making…
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Blizzcon Free Hearthstone Packs

Blizzard gives out packs for selecting a champion, much like in other games Dota Choose Your Champion! Avarius 10/20/2016 313 It’s time to crown a World Champion, as well as time for you to choose your champion and reap some rewards! The culmination of the 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour is nearly upon us! One player will emerge as the 2016 Hearthstone World Champion at BlizzCon and walk away with the quarter-million USD first place prize from the million-dollar prize pool. Now you can join in on the fun…
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Hearthpwn datamines the new Quest Dailies

With the new patch comes new dailies, and the data has been mined over at hearthpwn   New Daily Quests Several new daily quests have been added to the game. 100 Gold Murlocalypse - Play 75 Murlocs. Cry Havoc - Play 75 Battlecry minions. 60 Gold Druid Mastery - Play 50 Druid class cards. Hunter Mastery - Play 50 Hunter class cards. Mage Mastery - Play 50 Mage class cards. Paladin Mastery - Play 50 Paladin class cards. Priest Mastery - Play 50 Priest class cards. Rogue Mastery…
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D.Va announcer portrait for blizzcon goodiebag

The blizzcon bag for starcraft 2 would be themed from overwatch (adding extra meta): is coming to StarCraft II! We’re excited to reveal that the cache of StarCraft II’s in-game goodies, available for BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders, will consist of a new announcer and portrait! In the coming weeks, will join the cast of six other announcers we released with Patch —and she’s the first announcer whose origins lie outside the realm of StarCraft II lore! Although is known most recently for her activities within the…
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IBM and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ inks deal for Blockchain Contract Management

Following some of the other japan advances, such as an internal bank coin, in Singapore at the Watson centre: SINGAPORE - 16 Sep 2016: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it has signed a contract with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU) to examine the design, management and execution of contracts among business partners using blockchain technologies. The two companies will begin by piloting blockchain to automate business transactions between the two companies. This is one of the first projects built on the Hyperledger Project fabric, an open-source blockchain…
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Zerohedge, NY Post follows trail of Deutsche-Monte Paschi Banker “Suicides”

NY Post's Video As a reminder, earlier this month, the recently troubled Deutsche Bank was itself charged by Italy for market manipulation and creating false accounts. Additionally, the name Faissole emerged once again, when as Bloomberg reported, six current and former managers of Deutsche Bank, including Michele Faissola, Michele Foresti and Ivor Dunbar, were charged in Milan for colluding to falsify the accounts of Italy’s third-biggest bank, Monte Paschi and manipulate the market. Here is where things get interesting. Michele Faissola was a coworker of one William S.…
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Celebrate Halloween with Overwatch Junkenstein, and the much awaited Halloween Witch Mercy

As seen, Mercy would be the most sought after skin followed by some close contenders. For the halloween season, they can be purchased at 3 times the usual cost, after which presumably it will be closed til next year. 3000 credits / gold Witch Mercy Dr Junkenstein Pumpkin (reaper) Junkenstein's Monster (roadhog)  
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