Vicariously Hearthstone (for those of us who don’t have the beta) through site resources

Update: another round of hearthstone beta key invites have been sent out! Update: Just got Hearthstone Invite For those of out there who don't have the key for Hearthstone (and have no intention of paying 40 to 60 bucks for a third party transaction beta key), but want to vicariously watch how Hearthstone is like there are a few ways to do so. The easiest way is probably to go twitch in their Hearthstone channels overview: You have quite a bit of streamers there to stream the game,…
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Nexon Invitational Super Match

Update:  Nexon Super Invitational DK v Alliance in Busan, Korea Lol this is pretty funny Basically DK and Alliance will be in the same week, along with korean team 3 (which I think has been determined) and has the highest prize pool. For the korea team 3 its pretty much like mongolia stuck between russia and china (thanks jcjc). Sandwiched between a rock and a hard wall Apparently you make a couple grand each win you take. The comments are pretty hilarious (this is the nexon ogn invitational…
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6.79 goes live on pro esports scene (spoilers alert)

We have seen pretty fast uptake of in the various tournaments around the world. was a pretty lengthy patch and it is no surprises to have a lot of changes. Quite a bit of paper theorycrafting would have taken place but nothing would beat seeing the best laid plans being shreded on the cool pragmatism of the battlefield and we have that in a few competitions. Nerfnow again provides a poignant description of the first few days of the scene And you can also see the professional dota…
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Singapore Pilot puts aviation career on hold to work on Bitcoin startup in Sweden

Recently, a person rediscovered his $27 stash of bitcoin had bloomed into $886,000, buying him an upscale apartment, the couple travelling on bitcoin also made a stop in Singapore!   A singapore pilot literally picked up his bags and left for sweden to start FYB Sweden (find your bitcoin) which caters to northern europe. TechinAsia explores his life story as well as his motivations, and his thoughts on bitcoin between europe and asia, as well as his thoughts on bitcoin in Singapore. From Techinasia and reddit: Shiwen is…
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10 days to solve 10 year old HIV Puzzle? No Problem for Crowdsourced Gamers

via Esti In 2011, it looks like gamers from a crowdsourced platform game foldit were able to in combined distributed cloud and crowd gaming power solve in 10 days a problem that had bugged scientists for 10 years. Though this is a while back, there may be potential that this can be applied to other ailments, and by 2013 there may be some new scientific advancement waiting in the wings. It may also lead to interesting stuff with artificial intelligence too. Even though the article is 2 years…
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11 Treasures of the Lockless Luckbox: Market Watch Dota2

New Bloom Festival is out! Update: Microplushies blindbox and Lockless Luckbox revisit Update Added microplush update price list to bottom Update: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000 Seen the DK v Alliance matches? Or the Korean Dota 2 Cosplayers? Breaking News: PAADA just sold his ethereal flames wardog for $38,000! Update post diretide: After the Diretide patch that has introduced socketing and crafting, (perhaps making the pink puppy swing in price) the lockless luckbox have tanked…
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Cookie Clicker 1.0383 Changelog, Changes

Cookie Clicker is a game that is at first glance about clicking cookies, but has a deeper metagame. If you've never played the game, you can try it at cookie clicker here, or if you've played it but are looking for the dungeon, the dungeon beta for cookie clicker. via Quarebeta Generally, seems to be a bug where golden cookies keep spawning, seems to be fixed but might still exists in old games. Speed baking shadow achievements reset, this is likely linked to the gated heavenly chips to…
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New Tencent Lawyers’ first task: Play some games

In an interesting interview with Tencent's General Counsel Brent Irvin, The Lawyer (in Chatty Man) reveals that: For junior lawyers this means doing their duty can be fun. Irvin points out that as part of the training programme new staff members spend days just playing the online video games developed or distributed by the company. That is to say, as I read it, a new lawyer joining Tencent will first undergo a training programme that will involve playing their online video games. Since Tencent owns riot, very possibly…
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Steam Dota 2 Market Watch

Update: Microplushies and Lockless Luckbox revisit Update Update: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000 With Valve releasing the first blood patch, a lot of items that previously could not be sold will now be marketable on the Steam community market. Even commons and uncommons are largely listable as opposed to previously where it was mainly Tournament items and Genuines. The first blood patch is also notable for other changes such as the removal of fountain hook,…
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