Necromancer launches 27 June, Price revealed $14.99

This fits nicely into one WoW Token, which has recently seen another price jump due to the Microsoft/Bungie Destiny 2 tieup. Rise of the Necromancer Pack Arrives June 27! Blizzard Entertainment 6/20/2017 172 Rise of the Necromancer Pack Arrives June 27! Steel your hearts and get ready to maintain the Balance, nephalem. We’re only a week away—The Rise of the Necromancer Pack is arriving June 27 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! Comprised of controlled, calculating individuals, the Priests of Rathma have long known the true stakes…
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WoW Free Primal Flamesaber mount with HOTS tie-in

In another cross blizzard world tie-in, playing with friends in Heroes of the Storm leads to a free mount in World of Warcraft   Earn a New Mount—For Azeroth! Gather your friends together and play any Warcraft Hero in Heroes of the Storm as a team and you can earn the new Primal Flamesaber Mount in World of Warcraft. Beginning February 14 through March 13, a new quest called For Azeroth! will be available in Heroes of the Storm. Play 15 Heroes of the Storm matches with a…
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WoW Valentine Event; token farming mount

To celebrate valentine's, Blizzard has their inaugural event in WoW. Two noteworthy mounts are the rocket, bound on pickup (a rare drop), and the bird, that can be traded for a nice sum (at a cost of tokens)   Can You Feel it? Love is in the Air Has Begun! February 7th by Blizzard Entertainment   their days giving and receiving gifts—but something’s suspicious about this sudden outburst of affection. . . Take a deep breath. Smell that? That’s the undiluted smell of love right there. Don’t mind…
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Hearthstone makes $20m per month, Dota 2 $18m, LoL $123m

According to superdataresearch, Hearthstone makes $20m per month, Dota 2 $18m, LoL $123m, with World of Warcraft still retaining its spot as the MMO to beat. And that hearthstone jumped 31% off its mobile debut in monthly revenue. With the grand tournament coming out, I guess they will only make more!     Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft managed to disrupt the category in the same way World of WarCraft transformed massively-multiplayer online games (MMOs). Blizzard’s first digital card game has deep mechanics, but it is more accessible and streamlined than long-running…
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Follower Upgrades

When followers hit level 100 they unlock item lvls much like your hero. If you don't have much time to play at the start, they can quickly outlevel you in both normal levels and ilvls until you have some time to catch up! And the Hearthstone upgrade that isn't really an upgrade but a replacement (it replaces a trait) Later on with a war mill in operation, you can churn garrison resources into new sets. You can also get 630, 615 armor sets or weapon sets from the…
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Mankrik’s Future Wife Easter Egg

The lost in nagrand quest chain is the precursor to the barrens chat favorite mankrik's wife (mankirk). It's a pretty funny homage to one of the pillars of barrens trawl, as people got lost themselves trying to find her wife. Here Mankrik sends you to find his girlfriend (and future wife)   Spoiler alert!     At least in this she's alive and well  
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PvP Honor Draenor

The boxes go about differently, with a purple box (gold strong box) often holding an item for winning, and silver and bronze for each 1/3 objective in the battleground. It's intended that the pvp gear are to be less useful in pve, with pve gear being scaled in pvp (pvp gear themselves get a boost) You can also win conquest points for winning, though ranked would be a faster way to achieve those.
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Line’s success selling virtual stickers

Fast has a comprehensive article out charting the rise of Line as a messaging app as well as a mobile platform for company outreach and sticker sales (first and second in terms of revenue), features that set it far apart as the only mega social technology company to have a tangible revenue source. It's also based in asia, via japan, which further sets it apart in the way things are done. (As well as having very strong inroads into asia) It's worth a read if you are piqued…
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Hearthstone WoW

As one of the many easter eggs, hearthstone crosses over into Draenor with the hearthstone garrison mission. While the prize is pretty good, it does override traits. The opponents are all popular hearthstone decks, zoo, miracle (less so now) and control. The usual method is to throw onto the lowest level 90 and up follower with no useful traits. The associated meta text dealing with hearthstone is pretty funny
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