Bitcoin takes out 600 usd mark, challenges 700, US Agencies say bitcoins legitimate benefits, Forbes on BTCChina

Update: Bitcoin goes for 1100 before dropping Bitcoin soared past 600 today, tested 675, at writing about 663, quite a ride. We will see if it can shoot past the 700 mark. Looks like I was wrong about it wavering a little at this points. Had a high of 4879 CNY/RMB (chinese yuan/renminbi) in BTCChina. Litecoin has caught up We have litecoin fighting 8 to 9 usd. That pushes it above the recent 1:100 with bitcoin, and a bit closer to its previous parity. Perhaps BTCChina litecoin implementation?…
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Bitcoin Crosses USD $500 mark, hovers close 3000 CNY/RMB, Life on Bitcoin WSJ Video

takes out 600 edit: oops, forgot the litecoin chart, added it in Bitcoin Roundup for the day. Attended the Singapore Bitcoin Conference 2013 on Friday, have something on that that should be coming out. In the meantime however Bitcoin has broken USD 500 today. Bitcoin only just broke 400 usd mark not so long ago. It hovers just under 3000 CNY, although it may cross that on some exchanges due to currency computations. Otherwise, its another milestone crossed. At the after party of the Conference it was still…
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$38000 Flaming Pink Puppy in Dota 2 on Forbes (and 3 spirits update)

Update: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000 Seen the DK v Alliance matches? Or the Korean Dota 2 Cosplayers? We had previously covered PAADA's $38,000 (USD) sale of his legacy pink puppy (ethereal flames wardog) to a possibly China based buyer here on this site. PAADA was also previously also on the Top 7 Game items not once but twice. This time, the $38000 game item made it to Forbes (thanks T/O):   Daniel Nye Griffiths,…
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Bitcoin Travelling Couple on Wall Street Journal and Guardian (updated)

The bitcoin couple managed to travel around the world without using a single dollar or cent of fiat and just used bitcoins have also managed to land themselves into the wall street journal. The bitcoin couple were previously here in Singapore. Want to read about another bitcoin event that happened in Singapore? The Singapore Bitcoin Conference. a tricontinental odyssey taken with his wife, Beccy Bingham-Craig, 29, and a film crew documenting their travails, which started in Provo, Utah. Their mission: to live on bitcoin alone. "It's been consistently…
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Bitcoin crosses 400 USD mark on mtgox, high 425

  crosses 500 Bitcoin just hit another milestone at 400 usd, and is pushing beyond that. The China side milestones were probably at 2000 CNY/RMB and 2500 CNY. Which it managed to hit. Many people think the China end is where much of the push is coming from. Remains to be seen if BTC can continue its momentum or a correction will come in, only time will tell. Surpassing the China numbers may mean more to come as it tests new heights and highs. That which goes up…
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Breaking News: Ethereal Flames Wardog sold for $38,000 by PAADA

Update: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000 Is the 38K USD PAADA wardog with Team DK now? Update: PAADA's wardog made it to Forbes! Remember PAADA from the top 7 most valuable virtual game items? The one who had two items on the list, the ethereal flames couriers and the golden roshan baby at 4 digits to 5 digits. Well, he just sold his Ethereal flames wardog for USD $38000. Source: I suppose the appropriate response…
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Have Bitcoin, will Travel, local english and chinese coverage on Life on Bitcoin’s Bitcoin World Tour and final pitstop in Singapore and roundup

(want to read about the bitcoin conference in Singapore?) Just a few days ago on the friday that has passed (1st of November), the Craig couple (or bitcoin couple) have spent the past 100 days, crossing continents, countries, sovereigns, jurisdictions without spending dollars or fiat. They've made their way from Utah, America to Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin, Germany to Singapore, Singapore. The bitcoin couple's blog: The kickstarter was to pay for the film crew, where they will be handling the documentary of their pretty incredible journey. Proof of…
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Man recover forgotten treasure chest of Bitcoins, stash now worth $886,000 from $27

Trumping this is an almost $10 million dollar bitcoin hard drive Update: A couple traveling just on bitcoin were in Singapore From Quarebeta "Man recover forgotten stash of Bitcoins, now worth $886,000 from $27" Two news in a day here, but that's because something pretty nifty happened. In Norway, Kristoffer Koch had forgotten about his bitcoin stash which he had purchased for just $27. There were 5000 bitcoins and this lost stash was buried under digital sands until this year when public media brought bitcoin's meteoric rise to…
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Singapore Pilot puts aviation career on hold to work on Bitcoin startup in Sweden

Recently, a person rediscovered his $27 stash of bitcoin had bloomed into $886,000, buying him an upscale apartment, the couple travelling on bitcoin also made a stop in Singapore!   A singapore pilot literally picked up his bags and left for sweden to start FYB Sweden (find your bitcoin) which caters to northern europe. TechinAsia explores his life story as well as his motivations, and his thoughts on bitcoin between europe and asia, as well as his thoughts on bitcoin in Singapore. From Techinasia and reddit: Shiwen is…
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