Fred Wilson marvels at Bitcoin resilience

Fred Wilson has made a blog post () marveling at bitcoin's resilience and staying power. (He is a venture capitalist at Union Square ventures with notable hits;  Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Bug Labs, Meetup, Zynga, Covestor, , Etsy: ) Resilience One of the things about Bitcoin that I’ve always been amazed by is its resilience. It goes up, it gets knocked down, but it hangs in there, and then it goes up again. It’s happening again now. It is unclear what is driving this recent move, maybe its Greece,…
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Epic Upheaval, China Collapse, Greek Referendum Exit nears, Bitcoin reflux and Litecoin goes on a bubble pop, Dogecoin rocks around

What a crazy week. First it started with Greek rumbling along with a successful Oxi! (No) referendum which sent bitcoin shooting up over the weekend, being the only overweekend market. China, with a correction long overdue, continued its slump to enter a digital bloodbath as the week opened, bringing their indexes like shanghai comp and hsi down 30%. China heaped defensive QE after defensive QE into capital controls, trading freezes and short bans, as the china market became a rout and people started fleeing. Also in china was…
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New Yorker details Marc Andressen

A very long piece but possibly a rare view into one half of Andressen Horowitz. And perhaps the future, and then booms and busts. Names within run from Peter Thiel to Sequoia to Balaji who has left Andressen for bitcoin pastures. It is quite the read, though its length does make it one for long commutes on the trains or planes.   Two decades ago, he was the animating spirit of Netscape, the Web browser that launched the Internet boom. He believes that tech products will soon erase…
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Amazon Coin 20% off back (Hearthstone)

The deal is back for a limited time. If you are not in a rush, you may consider buying with the 20% off and holding out for a 20% or 30% coinback like previous times. (It's only 10% this time) You can also consult the prior guide Current Deals is currently giving 10% Coins Back on all $ or more Card Pack purchases for Hearthstone. Offer available to customers in the US only. Customers must also be signed into the US Hearthstone servers. is currently offering up to…
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Singapore born ItBit becomes first USA licensed exchange!

They've also closed a 25m round in series A funding. You can see their press release at LOBAL BITCOIN EXCHANGE ITBIT TODAY STARTS ACCEPTING CUSTOMERS NATIONWIDE THROUGH NEW YORK STATE TRUST COMPANY CHARTER itBit also announces $25M Series A funding and the addition of three prominent board members New York - May 7, 2015 – Global bitcoin exchange itBit today announced it is available to all  retail and institutional bitcoin traders and will begin accepting customers immediately. Through a trust company charter, granted by the New York State Department…
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NYT goes to Argentina’s Bitcoin Ground Zero

New York Times recently issued a piece covering bitcoin's unique place in Argentina, a country wracked by hyperinflation and capital controls as well as vultures wrangling over sovereign debts and defaults. They follow a "moneychanger" of bitcoin, through the times, the highs and the lows as well as venture funds tied to Argentina. You can see the use cases in a currency where fiat has come close to mere toilet paper, as well as the financial proximity to Venezuela where toilet paper has become indeed valuable. It starts…
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Steve Wozniak (Apple cofounder) enters Bitcoin ring

The other steve of apple, Wozniak to the Jobs, has stepped into the bitcoin fray. He will join Planet Capital as an advisor and director on their board. According to cointelegraph, the company runs ATMs that allow for two way currency transfers. While it is unlikely that this will directly lead to more apple-bitcoin tieups, it is another step for bitcoin that one of the founders behind the biggest tech giant Apple today is joining a bitcoin startup. Within the Planet Capital project, however, the momentum behind a…
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Line’s success selling virtual stickers

Fast has a comprehensive article out charting the rise of Line as a messaging app as well as a mobile platform for company outreach and sticker sales (first and second in terms of revenue), features that set it far apart as the only mega social technology company to have a tangible revenue source. It's also based in asia, via japan, which further sets it apart in the way things are done. (As well as having very strong inroads into asia) It's worth a read if you are piqued…
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WoW Token Graph Charts

Currently the low looks to be 20272 gold, (for US servers), so if you can snag around that price you have a good deal. It does look like the short term trend is towards the upside, bringing it above 21k or 22k. If you have the time to monitor, it might not be too bad an idea to shave a few 1000 gold due to its rhythmic tick tock, although there is probably no need to pick 100g pennies in front of a bulldozer! (You can also sort…
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David talks to CNBC on Singapore Bitcoin Regulation and Robots getting arrested

David Moskowitz of Coinrepublic talks about the light touch approach singapore is taking towards bitcoin as CNBC asks about the right balance and and approach to take with the virtual currency at the IDA Smart Nation conference. David was there at the conference to give a talk about bitcoins. There is also brief highlight touching upon a robot trader getting arrested due to trading parts of the currency dealing with a drug bust.
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