Nike CIO goes Bitcoin, joins CNET and Salesforce founding member

In another high profile move towards bitcoin, albeit from a non strictly technology or financial institution since it is nike, Anthony Watson is joining Bitreserve, a company founded by Minor who was founder of CNET as well as a Salesforce founding member. Anthony however comes from the banking industry previously before being CIO at Nike, he was at Barclays. He now wants to change the "unjust financial system". You can read more about this at the fortune article, as well as a few other pieces that have sprung…
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Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Singapore Screening and Bobby Lee at Hackerspace SG

Tomas organized a screening of the documentary the Rise and Rise of Bitcoin along with a Skype session where people chatted with the producer. Bobby Lee of BTCChina was also a guest at the event where he talked about the China scene. They talked about their experiences, along with thoughts for the future. The documentary producer is currently consulting and working on a game that would be trying to integrate the game economy with bitcoin. Bobby talked about how China saw the potential for bitcoin outside its shores,…
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Coinbase raises large round, opens US licensed exchange

Making big waves Investors include the new presence of NYSE, banks, Docomo and former Citigroup CEO Coinbase, a software company that allows people to buy bitcoin and enables businesses to accept it as payment, has closed a giant $75 million investment. In real dollars. The round is by far the biggest investment in a bitcoin company to date. Beyond its size, the funding is sure to make waves in financial services thanks to the participation of three industry investors: the New York Stock Exchange, USAA Bank, and BBVA,…
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WSJ: Bitcoin one of the most powerful innovations in finance in 500 years.

2 writers at Wall Street Journal have written a book about bitcoin In the video, they talk about how it makes people reassess and rethink what money is. Bitcoin’s unidentified creator—a person or persons operating under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto —has provided a novel solution to a problem that has dogged societies for centuries: the distrust among strangers in commercial transactions with one another. In any exchange, how could someone feel secure unless there is a face-to-face handover of physical currency or some other valuable good? When…
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WSJ on Boost VC

Boost has since gone full bitcoin (Singapore too has a representative in Boost in the form of Coinhako, which has since gone on to secure personal investment from Tim Draper)   But this bitcoin boot camp was hardly a shoestring effort: Mr. Gamido and the other fledgling entrepreneurs were bankrolled in part by one of Silicon Valley’s most storied families, which has emerged as among the alternative currency’s biggest supporters. The program, called Boost, was founded by 28-year-old Adam Draper. His father, Tim Draper, is founding partner in…
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Xiaomi hits 45B valuation, raises 1B

So many Bs. According to the Wall Street Journal, xiaomi just raised another 1 billion in its latest financing round to hit a valuation of 45 billion. HONG KONG—Xiaomi Corp. is raising more than $1 billion in its latest round of funding, valuing the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker at more than $45 billion and making the company one of the most valuable technology startups in the world Techcrunch has this to say: The WSJ’s report of Xiaomi’s latest fundraising and valuation follows confusion over exactly how much money…
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As Predicted Here, Microsoft takes Bitcoin. What’s Next

As was predicted here on Imaginary Markets over a quarter ago, Microsoft has taken bitcoin soon after acquiring minecraft. Will minecrosoft become minecoinsoft? That remains to be seen. In a quiet post that got quickly picked up around the world, Microsoft announced on the 11th of December: Now you can exchange bitcoins to buy apps, games and more for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox Via Bitpay, "Those funds can then be used to purchase content in the Windows Store, or in stores that house Xbox Games, Xbox Music…
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Bloomberg: Bitcoin Worst Investment of 2014?

Matt Miller, Bloomberg's bitcoin person interviews David (BitAngels Executive Director) on Market Makers and the price and relationships with the news and announcements, as well as any bottom. And Bloomberg's transcript: David, thanks for joining us. Good morning. A lot of people, including the producers of the show are constantly making one of me because i was and am such a bi tcoin believer. It has come down from $1100 to $350. does that bum you out? If you look at december of 2012, bitcoin was $13. if…
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