Steam gets Holiday Auction house

Like Sotheby's, well not really, let the hammers begin Recycle Steam Community items like Trading Cards, backgrounds, and emoticons from your Inventory into Gems and use them to bid on games up for auction. The first auction round ends on 15 Dec @ 11:45pm with a new round ending every 45 minutes until the last auction round ends on 19 Dec @ 2:00am. At the end of each auction round, the top bidder for each title wins. Pro tip: Need more items to turn into Gems? More than…
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Nick Colas gains a Bitcoin Fanclub

That's him on bloomberg, and he's written numerous articles at zerohedge on bitcoin The reddit fanclub: benperrin117 69 points 1 month ago This was one of the most well-informed interviewees I've seen on TV. Not only that, but he was to the point and got in what he wanted to say despite the short time frame. Thumbs up to him. jayhisters 7 points 1 month ago Here is another interview with him  
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Jersey bitcoin hedge fund ran by Blythe Master’s ex-husband

What a twist Daniel Masters, a 50-year-old veteran commodities trader, started working for some of the largest companies in the world right out of university, trading in London, New York and Zug, Switzerland, for JPMorgan Chase and Phibro before moving on to the New York Mercantile Exchange, a short walk from Wall Street. By all appearances, it was your standard Wall Street career   Masters, the former spouse of another commodities kingpin—JPMorgan Chase’s recently departed global head of commodities, Blythe Masters—says the Jersey Bitcoin fund will target up…
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Short thoughts on Ghash 51%, p2pool, mining, bitcoin as ongoing reiterative process

well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. the last time it was at this, it was "averted" due to political suasion. but that would go beside the point of bitcoin, where instead of without your permissions, is perhaps more of without your suasions. p2pool could be one solution (but the post btc protocol holy grail has been p2p exchanges) bitcoin is still quite the early stage of technology and would likely go through many iterations and patches and revitalizations. the fork patch was also one that…
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Crimea Referendum, Bank Runs

An overwhelming per cent of voters on the mostly Russian-speaking peninsula chose to secede from Ukraine, according to final results from Sunday's referendum There is some consternation over the voting slip, while not really a hobson's choice, was rather a tad limited in its expression perhaps from enjoinment. Previously Crimean Banks While the sight of Russian flags, pro-Russian troops, and Russian navy ships in Crimea is now a day-to-day thing; this morning brings a new normal for the eastern Ukraine region - long lines at bank ATMs as…
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Warren Buffett Disses Bitcoins like Gold, Bitcoin and Gold goes up, meanwhile Buffett’s baby Wells Fargo has been Bitcoining

Warren Buffett: Ukraine won't stop my stock buying ironically, the header: is Buffett also rejected the idea the stock market is "rigged." Buffett: Bitcoin 'isn't a currency' In response to a question, Buffett said bitcoin "isn't a currency" and he "wouldn't be surprised" if it's not around in 10 or 20 years. Since the price keeps moving around so dramatically, "it's very speculative, a Buck Rogers kind of thing" like the Dutch tulip mania in 1637. BECKY: You know, I've been meaning to ask you your opinion about…
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Jamie “Richer than you” Dimon gives Krugman a run for stupidity, calls the end of bitcoin (like a London Whale Teapot), Meanwhile JPM tries to copy bitcoin

On Russia Today: Jamie richer than you dimon denounces bitcoin, "terrible" predicts its downfall, reddit's reaction: Miner_Willy To be fair, it is terrible. For JPMorgan!  Well now, Dimon got a raise for being an arse: zerohedge Earlier this week we reported that at JPMorgan, the many will pay for the crimes of the few, after the bank revealed that compensation for most workers would be flat with 2012, and no raises were planned for the bank's employees as a result of the massive, $20+ billion legal bill the…
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