via Kotaku: Marine King Prime leaves for Summoner’s Rift

via Kotaku: Sad news for StarCraft fans, but great news for League of Legends fans. Lee "MarineKing" Jung Hoon, one of the most famous and iconic personalities of the StarCraft eSports scene is stepping away from space battles and entering League of Legends territory. According to South Korean site Inven, he had several reasons to switch, one of them is a growing interest in MOBAs and another, more significant one that his performance wasn't really good since StarCraft II's expansion Heart of the Swarm came out, introducing massive…
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Navi v Alliance Star series Finals winner bracket

Edit: Well, navi has climbed back from the lower bracket to face alliance in the final! It looks like its TI3 finals all over again with these two teams taking on each other. This is for the Star series Starladder Finals with tons of supporters for both teams. From the penants however it looks like Navi outnumbers Alliance 2:1 with Navi at 10k+ to Alliance's 5k. Spoilers follow:     ------- Game1: Navi Takes game one Game 2: Alliance Takes game 2 Pretty exciting game with plenty of…
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Hearts get together HGT puts up good fight against IG

Want to read about the closure of diablo 3 rmah and the expansion of dota 2 markets? Or how buying the dota 2 steelseries kana gaming mouse comes with an in game sword that can be worth about 47 Steam Wallet Dollars?   Hearts get together pulled up a good fight against IG, the team that has only lost to DK so far in the league. They managed to take about 20+ kills to IG's 10+, despite IG eventually slowly snowballing to win the game. The strength of…
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DK v Rattlesnakes WPC Ace League Playoffs Bo2

DK plays Rattlesnakes after Tongfu faced off against VG. DK is the hot favorite, and for good reason! DK has been undefeated so far, with tongfu losing to VG earlier.   Results Image: End of Game 1 Rattlesnake puts up a pretty good fight against DK in the second one, doing a few good team fights, but DK eventually pushed through with two lane continued pressure and siege. On DK, they went mass blinks and force staffs, quickly hitting 3 blinks and 2 forcestaffs. Rattlesnake manages to even…
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VG takes Tongfu 2-0 in victory despite odds (WPC Ace League)

Despite the odds being against that at about 20+% to Tongfu's 70+%, and Tongfu's captain having moved to IG (h/t cj), VG took two very convincing games against tongfu. There was some timing shuffle, so the timings on dota2lounge was reshuffled with DK being actually the later match so VG started off first against Tongfu. VG started snowballing and steamrolling off the first few minutes into the game for both games, with 2 digit kill scores to Tongfu for both.   Well, now there will be a lot…
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