Dogecoin “Investors” Gmail Adsense Creator, SV Angel Investor David Lee

Looks like dogecoin lined up some "big name investors" ;D But not really, its people being charmed over by doge Here's a bit from linked Wikipedia article about Paul Buchheit : Paul Buchheit is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur. He is the creator and lead developer of Gmail. He developed the original prototype of Google AdSense as part of his work on Gmail. He also suggested Google's now-famous company motto "Don't be evil" in a 2000 meeting on company values. Reddit screencap much amaze. so future. such…
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The Doge Report: Honda Dogemobile, the rise and rise of dogecoin ABC news, BBC news, Google moderator, Japan trains

Honda Dogemobile incoming? The internet created a reason to #LoveToday when the community came together to make these bobsled dreams come true. — Honda (@Honda) January 24, 2014 ABC News The rise and rise of the Dogecoin and internet tipping culture DAVID MARK: Seven weeks ago Dogecoin didn't exist. Now the virtual currency is worth $70 million and is showing no sign of slowing down. The crypto-currency, as they're known, is now the most popular internet-based money in existence, despite the fact it started as a joke. WILL…
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TigerDirect was the Bitpay Rumor!

NAO LIVE! Tigerdirect announced that they are taking bitcoins on reddit, using bitpay, so it actually wasn't newegg! To the moon! (for a wayback nostalgia look when newegg and tigerdirect were racing: ) #.UuFWFPawrZt TigerDirect is the First Major Internet Retailer to Accept Bitcoin via BitPay Online superstore to be largest retailer to accept new form of digital currency as payment January 23, 2014 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time MIAMI & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE) has announced today that they will be accepting Bitcoin - a peer-to-peer digital currency…
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Forbes breaksdown Overstock Bitcoin toplist

Forbes asked Overstock for their bitcoin list and they got it, so they shared with the rest What I can say, however, is this: The two lists don’t line up. Not at all. By that I mean the top, say, 15th item on the Bitcoin buyers list is shirts and the top 15th item for all Overstock shoppers is appliances. Sheets, for some reason was the top purchased item by Bitcoin buyers while area rugs was the top item for general buyers. And so on. There was some,…
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Dogecoin gets its bar joke! (and bitcoin and litecoin)

So bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin walk into a busy bar. Bitcoin says, "Drinks on me!" and gets in line at the bar. Litecoin says, "I'll get the next round" and sits down. Doge says nothing and comes back with the first round of drinks right away. Bitcoin and Litecoin ask, "How did you get the drinks so fast?" Dogecoin says, "Because I tip better than you two."   And within the thread itself, friendship is magic! So bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin walk into busy a bar. () submitted…
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Dogecoin wants to go to the moon literally, after Dogesled success, becomes internet currency?

After success in sending the jamaican bob sled team to the 2014 sochi winter olympics, dogecoin reddit now wants to send dogecoin literally to the moon, by trying to help a group of Penn State students send a small lander to the moon such jedi much strength very wow : Just found our ticket to the moon () submitted 1 day ago by fumirealpoor shibe So apparently group of Penn State students working on a project to send a small lander to the moon and they are crowd…
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Hearthstone Enters Open Beta, No more need for keys!

  Hearthstone™ Open Beta is Here! The wait is over: The Hearthstone Open Beta Test is now live in North America! If you haven’t joined in on all of the crazy card-slinging action yet, now is your chance! Pull up a chair and prepare to start casting powerful spells, summoning mighty minions, and dueling your friends in a fast-paced strategy card game for everyone. It’s been a crazy past few months for all of us on the Hearthstone team. We announced Hearthstone at PAX East back in March,…
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Electronic Money for Electric Car

Archive post for the Tesla (electric car) bought with bitcoins (electric money) which has since been superseded by the btc lambho Not the only times Tesla was here. (LNB uses Bitpay) From Zerohedge In California, A Tesla Has Now Been Bought With Bitcoin 12/05/2013 19:11 -0500 Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, I’ve been waiting for this headline. It was just a matter of time before the exchange of BTC for a Tesla happened. The purchase took place at  Lamborghini Newport Beach in California, and this…
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