Alexis Ohanian, Reddit cofounder, invests in Bitcoin Exchange Buttercoin, offers early access

reddit cofounder here, here's early access to my latest bitcoin investment + a better way to trade: Buttercoin () submitted 2 hours ago by kn0thing Alexis Ohanian invested in Buttercoin. (8/19/13) Posted 8/19/13 at 4:04am via ;ReturnUrl=http%3a%2f% Buttercoin's investors include Google Ventures, Y Combinator, Initialized Capital, Floodgate and Reddit co-founder Alexis
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Trying Wizard Hydra build, Cursed Event

Update: 50% extra xp til Reaper of Souls (Skeleton King drops guaranteed legendaries!) Update with Video Trying the Wizard again! The mammoth hydra seems loosely based off the venom hydra stacking mechanism in the old one. Went with Cold Blooded and Conflagaration for stacking damage bonuses and crits Frozen orb reminds me of the good old D2 sorceress, and Blizzard redid many of the animations too, as well as adding elements to the spell runes. The new deflection magic weapon seems to do nicely in a pinch, but…
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Harvard Student abuses supercomputer to mine Doge, gets banned

Such Harvard. Lol Harvard student thrown off 14,000-core super ... for mining Dogecoin Wow. Very misuse. Much banned. 'For fairly obvious reasons' By Shaun Nichols, 22nd February 2014 A Harvard University student is in hot water for using the Ivy League school's 14,000-core supercomputer to mine Dogecoins. According to The Harvard Crimson, an unnamed student has been stripped of access to all of the prestigious uni's research-computing labs and systems after it was discovered earlier this month that s/he had scheduled its Odyssey cluster for use in a…
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Redeeming Jade Tokens (before Feb 25th): Bounty v Seal, Basket v Recipe

I went with the Seal of Vermilion, so $ It costs 1500 jade tokens, if you have 3000 you could try Bloom Bounty if you want to open it for yourself, but if you want to sell its $, so 2x Seals would be $ that is more. (Numbers before taxes however) Basket also sells better (higher price at 20 cents) than recipes, and has the added advantage of being cheaper at 250 jade tokens to the 500 for recipes. You will get 2 at 40 cents compared…
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Cracked takes a Crack at Bitcoin, “Bitcoin isn’t wizard money”, mentions Dogecoin

Well, before you get too giddy, know that Bitcoin isn't wizard money #4. Bitcoins Are Easy to Lose Being a virtual currency, Bitcoin doesn't exist in the real world. The reason why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin (no, seriously, this is a thing) are so popular is because users transfer the currency directly between each other and don't require a middleman like PayPal or a bank #2. Yes, You Have to Pay Taxes on Bitcoins Taxes don't disappear just because you flipped your country's currency the bird.…
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New Bloom Festival Tomorrow, Phoenix New Dota 2 Hero

Year Beast buffed, bounty prices craters on nerfs(update valve unnerfed bounty) YEAR BEAST UPDATE!!! Patch is Live: Dota 2 New Bloom Festival, treasure of vermilion renewal, crimson parcels, bloom harvest How apt, a phoenix For aeons beyond count, the stars above coalesced their energy, each in time bursting forth the cataclysmic fires of supernova to mark the sky with stellar progeny. By this ageless crucible the star called Phoenix collapsed into being. Over long cycles this conscious light inquired and studied, and through chance learned of an enduring…
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Alexis Ohanian (cofounder Reddit, book Without Your Permissions) Dogewallets from Reddit’s Dogecoiner

Alex Ohanian, who co-founded reddit and then wrote a book about it "without your permissions", receives a dogecoin wallet from a reddit dogecoiner at University of Washington Dogecoin recently rose to fame off the dogesled sending the jamaican bob sled team to the sochi winter olympics, it has been known for its fun reddit community and crazy dogecoin tip wars, being called the "internet currency".
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