BicQlo (Bic Camera / Uniqlo) x Bitflyer / Bitcoin

In just a few months bitcoin has taken japan by storm, some of the impact would take time to materialize, but bitflyer appears to be held by the who's who of the japan banking industry Mizuho Financial Group, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group It is also drawing immense interest not just from the japanese, but also foreigners within their land And also one can't miss out Jon Southurst's on site demo (he has been a long time journalist in the bitcoin scene)  
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Hearthstone Mobile Phone Out! iPhone and Android

It's finally out! And not a moment too soon. It's now available for the iphone and android mobile devices! You get a card pack for playing it once on iphone, and another for android phone Wonder if they will schedule a amazon hearthstone promo along with it. Hearthpwn has also datamined some details: This patch paves the way for Hearthstone on mobile by reducing the file size of the client download. Today, Hearthstone is almost 2GB in size on desktops The new patch it comes in at just…
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Marc Andressen v Warren Buffett (TechCrunch)

Addressing Warren Buffett, who recently called bitcoin a “mirage” and warned investors to stay away from it, Andreessen joked that the “track record of old white men who don’t understand tech crapping on tech they don’t understand is still at 100 percent.” Srinivasan, who recently joined the firm as its youngest general partner, also joked that bitcoin has outperformed Berkshire Hathaway. “I think the relevant comparison point for bitcoin is 1993 or 1994 for the consumer Internet,” said Andreessen, who created the Netscape web browser back then. “It arrived with fringe politics and fringe…
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Business Times (singapore): fiat currencies remain the mainstay of money laundering

An article in the Singapore Business Times (Singapore's Business paper) Doesn't seem to be paywalled: Of course, fiat currencies remain the mainstay of money laundering, and Al-Qaeda is unlikely to transact in bitcoin for now. alternative currency that can circumvent unwieldy banks without interference from a party-pooping central authority. Money can be transferred across the world in seconds, for a micro-fraction of the transaction fees that banks and payment processors charge. What on earth would compel a bank to provide a service to an industry that threatens its…
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Trying for 100k visits, ontrack if extrapolation sustained! (ICM)

100k has been the milestone for a while, and the target for next month. It seems like there is a chance that it might be hit this month however! 100k would put icm at double the speed of the benchmark for traffic growth. If that can be hit this week, that might make it 240% speed. The next milestone would be half a mil in the coming months. But this is of course all easier said than done! Almost at 75k (from both main site and youtube), which…
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