Blizzard’s Winterveil Hearthstone Bundle

Blizzard's christmas promotion for hearthstone is an extra 10 packs for 40 packs at $ The prevailing Amazon promo is at 20% off for coins, no coinback! Winter Veil has just begun and it’s full of holiday treats! Speaking of treats, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a gift of your own! While the Winter Veil celebration is happening in Hearthstone from December 9th through January 6th, Greatfather Winter will offer 50 Classic Hearthstone packs for $ USD (Pricing may vary depending on region or device).…
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F2P Hit Legend!

Finally made it to legend! (one week after being hyped at brewlings tourney) Free 2 play is the way :D Did my first ever craft of a legendary (Tirion, uther's right hand leg) yesterday to prepare for this stretch. The legendless midpally and aggropally are still pretty strong, but had trouble against players much better prepared against MC Dins if they had drawn the right cards. Took me about 170 games since I first hit rank 5 (and maybe 80 to 100 to hit rank 5), but I…
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Won Brewling’s Hearthstone Tournament!

For this round, I had decided to bring face hunter and a mid aggro secret paladin, so I needed one more class to even it out. Tried making a cheap zoo, but lacked the dust so I decided to go with mech mage that I was familiar with and used budget substitutes from tgt on the asian fel reaver mech mage. I felt it covered adequate bases from my limited resources. It turned out well! The Decks I took Playoffs It was pretty tight all the way, going…
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Hearthstone Rakes in the Dough!

According to data from sensor tower and seeking alpha, the ios mobile take alone from august is $ million. Imagine their total revenue for the year! (including android and pc) You can see the charts at seeking alpha Summary The collectible card game Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is widely popular even among players. Hearthstone’s global net gross revenue from iOS gamers was $ million last August. Chinese players contribute a lot to Hearthstone’s strong sales.
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This week’s TGT Brawl is great way to test try new Legendaries! (crossroads)

You get a random deck stocked full with possibly multiple legendaries. Now you can try those cards you never had the one true visa paywave/mastercard key for! Had a rhonin in the first one but mulliganed away Rolled a black knight and grom in the second, with a majordomo sitting tight in the hand
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