SVBJ: 3 generations of Draper on Bitcoin

The Draper family has thus spanned three lines of VC, with grandpa Draper of Draper Richards, Pa Draper of the famous Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Draper Jr founding Boost VC Boost VC incubator cofounder Adam Draper is an unabashed enthusiast of the virtual currency. His dad, Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, is a dabbler in bitcoin startup investing. But grandfather Bill Draper of Draper Richards is apparently not at all a bitcoin fan. The Drapers appeared at beGlobal, a Korean entrepreneurial conference, where they spoke about their…
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Virgin: Bitcoin will do to banking what cellphone did to communication

In Virgin's entrepreneur series, Dominic Frisby makes the case for bitcoin, comparing it to the telecommunications industry Much as telephones moved from landlines into the handphones of today, bitcoin will allow for more inclusion financially, expanding access into the capabilities and benefits of banking without the gated walls. So, with some seven billion people on the planet, the vast majority of whom, one assumes, are not hermits and like communicating, you might expect that billion figure to have been higher. Along comes the mobile phone and the point is…
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