Steve Wozniak (Apple cofounder) enters Bitcoin ring

The other steve of apple, Wozniak to the Jobs, has stepped into the bitcoin fray. He will join Planet Capital as an advisor and director on their board. According to cointelegraph, the company runs ATMs that allow for two way currency transfers. While it is unlikely that this will directly lead to more apple-bitcoin tieups, it is another step for bitcoin that one of the founders behind the biggest tech giant Apple today is joining a bitcoin startup. Within the Planet Capital project, however, the momentum behind a…
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David talks to CNBC on Singapore Bitcoin Regulation and Robots getting arrested

David Moskowitz of Coinrepublic talks about the light touch approach singapore is taking towards bitcoin as CNBC asks about the right balance and and approach to take with the virtual currency at the IDA Smart Nation conference. David was there at the conference to give a talk about bitcoins. There is also brief highlight touching upon a robot trader getting arrested due to trading parts of the currency dealing with a drug bust.
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Rakuten Takes Bitcoin for US:WSJ

Wall street journal's Tokyo branch has reported that rakuten is accepting bitcoin for US payments! Rakuten is no stranger to bitcoin, and can be seen as Japan's version of Amazon or Alibaba. Beyond the states, it looks like they may expand bitcoin integration to Germany and Austria. (Berlin is one of the european areas with a strong bitcoin sector, with the berlin bitcoin street) At some point it would be rolled out in Japan. It looks like japan takeup has hit a snag following mtgox. TOKYO—Japanese e-commerce giant…
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Nike CIO goes Bitcoin, joins CNET and Salesforce founding member

In another high profile move towards bitcoin, albeit from a non strictly technology or financial institution since it is nike, Anthony Watson is joining Bitreserve, a company founded by Minor who was founder of CNET as well as a Salesforce founding member. Anthony however comes from the banking industry previously before being CIO at Nike, he was at Barclays. He now wants to change the "unjust financial system". You can read more about this at the fortune article, as well as a few other pieces that have sprung…
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DBS Neal Cross: We are looking at Bitcoin Technology

Adding to a growing line of people, Neal Cross, who previously was at Microsoft and Mastercard, is on dealstreetasia in an interview with Yap Shiwen talking about the interest DBS has in blockchain technology (as well as other developments in the financial technology realm): Given the proliferation of FINTECH like Ripple, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, what are DBS’s long-term strategies in implementing them and mitigating the disruption to the traditional business model of the banking sector? We are certainly interested in the technology behind these cryptocurrencies. We are…
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Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Singapore Screening and Bobby Lee at Hackerspace SG

Tomas organized a screening of the documentary the Rise and Rise of Bitcoin along with a Skype session where people chatted with the producer. Bobby Lee of BTCChina was also a guest at the event where he talked about the China scene. They talked about their experiences, along with thoughts for the future. The documentary producer is currently consulting and working on a game that would be trying to integrate the game economy with bitcoin. Bobby talked about how China saw the potential for bitcoin outside its shores,…
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Ken Miller on Bitcoin and Western Union

Ken Miller compares bitcoin and western union in this tech crunch article. He was previously at paypal and square. Western Union insisted bitcoin be regulated more, while in the same breath requesting “could you please also leave us alone on some stuff?” There are many problems for which bitcoin technology presents a solution, but one that quickly comes to mind is the over $5 billion annually that Western Union takes from individuals trying to send remittance funds to family members in need both at home and in other parts of the world. Fees charged to remit…
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Reddit’s Cryptoengineer Ryan X Charles

Reddit had been searching for a cryptoengineer to integrate cryptocurrencies into reddit and they found one. It's definitely long-term. Bitcoin technology will ultimately become integral to reddit. We've had some internal brainstorming about ways we could integrate - the possibilities are enormous. Our focus right now is on the digital asset. Announcements forthcoming.   Would it be for the internal redditor ipo? Or some new form of reddit gold or tipping? He also talks about other stuff such as counterparty.   Bitcoin subreddit's reaction:  
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