Amazon November 2016 Hearthstone Promo

Update: Mean Street expansion is out! promotion remains 25% Black friday is coming soon, as well as the new hearthstone expansion, but before that the current amazon november 2016 coin promotion is for 25% meaning you can start stocking up if needed in case there is any coin back. It may be that there will be pockets of time around black friday or expansion release where coin purchase bonus will be increased (though the existing is still decent) so it depends on whether you are thinking of making…
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Hearthstone Amazon Deal back for Blackrock Mountain Expansion!

The 30% Hearthstone Amazon discount is back in time for the blackrock mountain expansion! You get 10% off amazon coins, and a 30% coinback on purchases above $20 with coins. You can check out the previous amazon hearthstone guide on how it works via amazon coins! I guess this is for allowing the coins to be used with the expansion purchases (for those who intend to purchase blackrock, or even naxx). Reddit is using that to get effective $ off the expansion. (but it seems you have to…
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Imaginary Markets: I’m on NHK! Bitcoin is Alive and Well in Singapore

You can see the video here at: Couldn't find an embed code. The news should have aired in China during evening primetime in a bitcoin world feature, this one is really quite positive on bitcoin compared to some of the other media coverage out there! Bitcoin is indeed Alive and Well in Singapore (pending future regulatory whirlwinds or "worldwinds" of course) It's a good worthwhile 4 minutes! The segment covered the prevalence of bitcoin ATMs in Singapore, as well as retailers taking the plunge into bitcoining, as well…
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Imaginary Markets: I’m on Channel U Money Week for Bitcoin!

I was on Channel U's financial programme Money Week to talk about Bitcoins, as well as demonstrate its use! Tomas of introduced me, and I tried to explain Bitcoins in chinese. Too bad much of the important stuff I said about the groundbreaking breakthroughs of bitcoin got cut >_< (that's a photo of me with Jim Rogers in the background from a year back :D, it randomly made its way into the cuts) On the whole however, it was very balanced, instead of a negative media spin that…
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Imaginary Worlds of Cryptocoins: Coiner’s Game and Coin Wars Online (if bitcoin was a game introduction)

Update: Thank you for feeding the Coinmonster! Much Appreciated! Thanks to reddit too for the warm response, may do more art when I come around to it!   Imaginary-tans: Rough sketches for an imaginary fantasy world involving cryptocoins. Or what would happen if coins crossed with sword art online and OS-tans. Moved not too long ago, couldn't find my eraser, grapphire pen was lost from a while back, so its just pencils without eraser all the way through. Might revisit with colors another time. Coiner's Game A long…
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(official now) Lamborghini purchased for 216 Bitcoins (from same dealer as the Tesla) (209,995 USD) [比特币兰博基尼]

  Update: it's now official Lamborghini Newport Beach's official blog has it (They use bitpay) The Bitcoin saga continues… After reporting the sale of a Tesla acquired using Bitcoins, we received a lot of calls from prospective buyers.  We are happy to confirm a 2nd transaction of the same kind this week for a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Coupe.  With the help of a 3rd party specializing in converting the Bitcoins into US Dollars, we were able to complete the transaction within 72 hours.  According to the…
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Top 7 Incredibly Valuable Game Loot you could get (if you were extraordinarily lucky or dedicated)

Do you play Hearthstone? There's a new Hearthstone Amazon Promotion! The 2014 edition of Top Ranked Game Loot! Breaking News: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000 Update: PAADA just sold his ethereal flames wardog for $38,000! Update 2: PAADA's wardog made it to Forbes! If you play Dota, have you seen the DK v Alliance matches? Or the Korean Dota 2 Cosplayers? Where Diablo 3 Pays for Engagement Ring Ever thought of finding a goldmine in…
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