Hearthstone Iphone Mobile Versions a few months away

Mobile version and Blackrock is out! Update: Amazon has its limited time Hearthstone deal during Blackrock, get it while it lasts! From hearthpwn which has the shots from the PAX release, it looks like it will still take a "couple of months", which would bring it towards the end of the "early" 2015. It looks like it will take May or June at the earliest for you to play it on your iphone without apk signing or jailbreaking, or on the android mobile without rooting. Hearthstone Mobile is…
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Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain Expansion!

The followup to the naxxramas expansion comes blackrock mountain, a popular chain of raids from the early days of WoW. It will cost the same as naxx, at 700 gold or $ per wing with discounts for more. The entire set would be $ This would be good news for those who stocked up on coins during the hearthstone amazon promo! Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure Announced at PAX East! Zeriyah 3/6/2015 1 The smoldering Blackrock Mountain looms on the horizon. Elementals, dwarves, and dragons lie in wait…
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Free Hearthstone packs for Chromecast (Reddit)

As if the reappearance of the Hearthstone Amazon discount was not good enough, looks like there's another deal to get your Hearthstone packs! Apparently the chromecast offers allows you to get $6 of google play credits following their steps per each chromecast you have. Those credits can then be used to buy hearthstone packs (or android play store purchases) Have a Chromecast? Get some free packs! () submitted 1 day ago by treesounds If you have a Chromecast, check out this link. For each Chromecast on your network,…
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Hearthstone Amazon Discount is back!

The 30% Hearthstone Amazon discount is back! You get 10% off amazon coins, and a 30% coinback on purchases above $20 with coins. You can check out the previous amazon hearthstone guide. The current rates looks to be 106 packs for $90 at Amazon v Google play's 70 packs for $, so about 50% better The general steps are to 1) Install Amazon's Appstore and install Hearthstone from it onto your Android Device or Emulator 2) Buy Amazon Coins 3) Use the Amazon coins to buy Hearthstone packs…
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Magicamy AMA on Reddit

hi I am T/S magicamy, you can ask me stuff I guess (: () submitted 3 hours ago * by magicamy I will do my best to answer to everyone~ edit~ proof (i forgot i was on the internet for a moment) edit 2~ I try to answer to everyone before going to sleep but taking a quick break to watch the AGDQ now! Back in about 30 minutes! edit 3~ hi i'm back magicamy 41 points 3 hours ago The very very old Miracle with pagle when…
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TempoStorm signs Female Korean Player

Update: Liquid has an interview with magicamy Hi Magicamy! Can you introduce yourself and your background in gaming and esports? Sure! My name is Hyerim Lee, I am 26 years old from Korea with a major in fashion industry. I have been following and participating in the world of esports since early age in highschool, starting with the Korean scene of Starcraft:BW and eventually started following pretty much all the major esports that developed in Europe/America such as the major FG, , Warcraft III Mostly I participated in…
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Hearthstone and Dota Tourney at GG2014

Good game 2014 in Singapore is hosting both a Dota tournament (ok dota 2 cup)and Hearthstone Tournament! Looks like they are having quite a blast, and there's tobiwan and singsing for the dota portion. The hearthstone tournament is free to enter and has prizes thrown in, with packs for registrants. Crystal Maiden Cosplay   Decidedly one of eSports hottest streamers with over 1,000,000 views on her stream, ZuljaNim is no stranger to the limelight.  And in the limelight she will be this December, when she graces the hearts…
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Hearthpwn Nvidia Shield Giveaway Promotion!

If you manage to win the nvidia shield tablet, you'll be able to game on the go at a fast clip! (some of the complaints for the android hearthstone is the long loading time, compared to even old ipads, esp when a dc happens) NVIDIA Shield Giveaway, Season 9 Ending Soon, Deck Spotlight: GvG Token Druid NVIDIA Shield Giveaway To celebrate Hearthstone being available on Android tablets, we're hooking up 5 lucky winners with a brand new NVIDIA Shield Tablet! The NVIDIA Shield is an Android based tablet that…
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